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Other Training
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Administrative Responsibilities & Activities
Significant International Activities:
Awards and Honors
Committees & Other Responsibilities at Penn State \ College, University & Department
Regional & National Activities While At Penn State
Principal Instruction Contributions
Research Activities
Agricultural Experiment Station Publications, and Theses and Dissertations Directed
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Paul A. Backman
Curriculum Vitae

221 Buckhout Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-865-6687
Fax: 814-863-7217


University of California, Davis, CA

Ph.D., Plant Pathology, Minor in Plant Physiology 1970
Major Professor J. E. DeVay (Bacterial Phytotoxins)
NDEA Fellow

University of California, Davis, CA

B.S., Plant Pathology, 1966

Yuba College, Marysville, CA

A.A., Biological Sciences, 1964

Other Training

NASULGC Deans/Directors Leadership Workshop 1998

Natl. Conf. On Continuous Quality Improvement: Malcolm Baldrige Award Criteria in Education. 1995.

ESCOP Leadership Courses, Class 4, Indianapolis, 1994, Washington D.C. 1995

Employment Experience

Pennsylvania State University, 1998-present

Professor of Plant Pathology & Biological Control 1998-present

Director, Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station, and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education 1998-2001

Auburn University, 1971-1997

Director, Biological Control Institute, 1993-1977

Board of Directors, Alabama Center for Biotechnology, 1994-1995

Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, IPM Research Coordinator 1993-1997

Emeritus Professor, 1998

Professor, Asst. and Assoc. Professor of Plant Pathology, Auburn University, 1971-1998

Graduate Faculty, 1978-1998

USDA ARS at Clemson University

Research Plant Pathologist (GS-12) USDA/ARS @ Clemson University, September, 1970 to October, 1971. Emergency appointment on etiology and control of peach decline and bacterial canker in the southeastern region

N.C. State University

Post-doctoral Research Associate, January, 1970 - August, 1970 under G.B. Lucas and Ron Welty, evaluating role of tobacco mycotoxins in animal health

University of California, Davis Campus

Graduate Research Fellow (NDEA), University of California, 1966-1969

California Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Fruit and Vegetable Standardization

Inspector (Tomato and Peach), 1963-1965 (Summers)

Administrative Responsibilities and Activities

Available on Request:

Significant International Activities

Senior Plant Pathologist/ Consultant, Uruguay, FAO United Nations, 1978?79 (Leave of Absence), Developing Management Methods for Sugar Beet Sclerotium rot.

Consultant/Expert, Intl. Atomic Energy Agency of United Nations 1989-1991, Evaluating and Recommending Changes in Thailand project on mutation breeding for crops and animals.

Numerous fact-finding, research, cooperative agreement visits to Central and South America, Europe and Australia.

Research leave to USDA/ARS, European Biological Control Laboratory, Montpellier France, to strengthen pathology at the station, and to provide linkage to Auburn's BCI. Also, worked with Spain's (Catalonia) IRTA group (Cabrils) on biological control of weeds. 1997.

Awards and Honors

USDA, Group Honor Award for Excellence, 2002, For Multistate Project NE-501, Serving as project developer and administrative advisor.

Penn State University Outreach, Pathfinder Award, 2002

NERA Project of the year (2001) for NE-501, serving as administrative advisor

AL Agricultural Experiment Station's Directors Award for Research, 1991
Senior Award, with $10,000 to professional development

Agricultural Experiment Station's Director's Award for Research, 1981
Junior Award (First Recipient),

NSF Travel Grant, 1970 (while at North Carolina State University)

NDEA Fellow, 1966-1969 (Univ. of California-Davis)

Memberships in: Sigma Xi, N.Y. Academy of Sciences, Gamma Sigma Delta, and AAAS

Committees and Other Responsibilities \ Penn State College, University & Department

Member of the executive committee of the Research Council to the Vice President for Research, to develop policies and procedures supportive of the Universities research agenda. 2000-2001

Member of the Implementation Committee to the Graduate School, to develop policies and procedures supportive of University efforts to recruit and retain the best graduate students. 1998-2001

Member, vice chair and chair of the International Council to the University’s Office of International Programs 1998-2001

PSU Representative to the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program (Cooperating with Cornell to Coordinate Research & Extension Needs for the Erie Grape Industry.

Guidance Committee Co-chair for the Eastern Division of The Viticulture Consortium.

Advisory Board member for the Environmental Resources Research Institute 1998-2000.

Committee member to develop the guidelines for an inter-college consortium for Environmental Research 1998-99.

Selection Committee for the associate vice president for research for multidisciplinary and integrated programs. 1998-99.

Development of the Research Plan of Work required by the federal AREERA act.

Development of the response to the civil rights review of the Agricultural Experiment Station.

Member of a committee that developed the College of Agricultural Sciences strategic plan.

University Committee on Sensor Technologies

University Steering Committee on Defense Threat Reduction Agency Relationship

Departmental DAIR Committee.

Regional and National Activities While at Penn State

Member of the Board of Directors of the National Agricultural Biotechnology Council (NABC) 1998-2001

Member of the Board of Directors of Global Research on Environment and Agricultural Nexus (GREAN), a 16 member University consortium to do international research—group terminated August 2001

Member of the Board of Directors of AID’s Integrated Pest Management CRSP. 1998-2001

Member of the Research Coordinating Committee for NE regional activities supported by Northeastern Agricultural Experiment Stations (NERA) 2000/01

Regional administrative advisor for the Pasture consortium, and NE-187 regional research project on turfgrass management

Member of the ESCOP (Experiment Station Committee on Policy) committee on Science and Technology 1999-2001

Administrative advisor to a regional research and extension team to contain the invasive pathogen called Plum Pox (Sharka), NE-501

Administrative advisor to research and extension team on best management practices for turfgrass. NE-187.

Principal Instruction Contributions

Courses Taught (Course No. & Title) Contact Hrs (Qtr)
Penn State  
PPath 540 Plant Disease Control 3
PPath 496 Individual Research var.
Auburn University  
PLP 551, Foliar & Post Harvest Disease 3
PLP 553, Principles of Plant Disease Control 5
PLP 407, Concepts in Pest Management 5
PLP 554, Practical Plant Pathology 3
PLP 719, Adv. Plant Pathology for Ph.D. students 5
PLP 728, Field Research in Plant Pathology 5

Graduate Students Directed  
John T. Turner, Jr., Ph.D. Walter F. Mahaffee, M.S.
Elisa F. Smith, M.S. Barbara H. Cosper, M.S.
Nancy Kokalis, M.S. Mary J. Williams, Ph.D.
Richard F. Davis, M.S. Nina Knox Zidack, Ph.D.
H. Gary Hancock, M.S. Kenneth Seebold, M.S.
Ronald Clay, M.S. Benjaporn Tangsukkasemsan, M.Agr.
John M. Hammond, M. Agr. Phillip M. Brannen, Ph. D.
James Jacobi, Ph.D. Gloria Garner, M.S.
Kanchalee Jetiyanon, M.S. Jason Burkett, M.S.
George Boyhan, Ph.D. Anissa Demers, M.S
Susan Sheng, M.S. Rachel Melnick, M.S.
Charles Crawford, M.Agr.  
Teaching Committees

Graduate Program Officer (Dept. of Plant Pathology) 1985-1991

Graduate Student Evaluation Committee

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