Kyle’s Keezer


A buddy (Chris Gamrat) showed me Northern Brewer’s 14 minute video on how to make a “Keeer,” which is basically a “kegerator” on steroids.  You use a chest freezer with a thermostat that shuts it off when it gets to the desired temperature and before it freezes.  The video was great.  I was inspired.  But I wanted it in my living room, not a garage or basement, so I needed to make it attractive enough to appeal to my wife.  I had to also replace the rather large entertainment center I had built to make room, so it was really two projects in one.

I was fortunate enough to have a fireplace in the room, that would provide a bit of cover for the freezer itself.  I was even more fortunate to have a neighbor (Glenn Johnson) who was inspired to make stained glass panels for the doors. (He now receives free beer for life.) The result is very pleasing, both the the eye and to the beer drinker in me.  Thanks to Northern Brewer and to the others who conspired with me to make this happen.  Oh... and to my lovely wife.

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