Moondance Birds & Bees, Etc.


to reduce our ecological footprint and to have fun doing it.  So far, so good.  We installed a geothermal heat pump, got rid of the hot tub, started an organic vegetable garden, added and active solar hot water system and a solar photovoltaic system, started raising bees, and now have added chickens in portable coops.  We also added fourteen fruit trees, two blueberry bushes, and a ginseng garden, but those will take years to start producing.  We also added a fish pond and a labyrinth, but those are more for relaxation than for ecological reasons.  We are also brewing our own beer, perhaps my favorite hobby.  (See the “Kyle’s Keezer” page to see how the home brewing and woodworking hobies came together.)

About Us...

Erin, Kyla (&Ben), K.C. (& Shannon), & Jamie (& Joe)

  1. Bullet Nate & Sadie (Dogs)

  2. Bullet Monkey & Sasha (Cats)

  3. Bullet 16 chickens (Yet to be named)

  4. Bullet Bees (too many to name)

  5. Bullet Fish (Koi & Goldfish)


We’re trying ...