Curriculum Vitae:  Nancy S. Love



Office Address                                                                   Home Address

Department of Political Science                                            111 Summer Mountain Road

219 Pond Laboratory                                                           Spring Mills, Pennsylvania  16875

Pennsylvania State University                                                814-422-8174

University Park, Pennsylvania, 16802                          




Ph.D.   Cornell University, 1984

M.A.    Cornell University, 1981

A.B.    Kenyon College, 1977 (summa cum laude)


Academic Positions

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Pennsylvania State University, 1989—

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Pennsylvania State University, 1984-1989

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Swarthmore College, 1983-1984

Lecturer, Government Department, Cornell University, 1981-1982


Selected Honors, Fellowships, and Awards

American Fellowship, American Association of University Women, Alternate, 2001-2002


Public Scholarship Associate, Office of Undergraduate Education, Pennsylvania State University, 2001-2002


Graduate Faculty Mentorship Award,  Pennsylvania State University, 2001


Course Development Seed Grant, Schreyer Honors College, Pennsylvania State University, 1999-2000           


Model Teacher, College of Liberal Arts, Pennsylvania State University, 1996


Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching, 1991


Josephine Berry Weiss Endowed Faculty Fellow in the Humanities, Pennsylvania State University, 1988-1989


Fellowship for the Study of Modern Society and Values, American Council of Learned Societies, 1986


Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation,



Josephine De Karman Fellowship, Aerojet-General Corporation, 1982-1983


Sage Graduate Fellowship, Cornell University, 1980-1981


Andrew Dickson White Graduate Fellowship, Cornell University, 1977-1980


John Chestnut Memorial Prize for Outstanding Work in Political Science, Kenyon College, 1977


Phi Beta Kappa, Kenyon College, 1976


Courses Taught

Graduate:       Aesthetics and Politics (with Lawrence Scaff);  Critical Theory; Feminist Political

Theory; Marx and His Legacy; Modern Democratic Theory


Undergraduate:  Introduction to Political Theory; Foundations of American Political Thought;

Feminist Political Theory; Political Ideologies; Marxist and Socialist Theory; Ancient,

Medieval, and Renaissance Political Theory; Modern and Contemporary Political Theory;

Introduction to American Government; Introduction to Political Science


Honors Program:  Campus Multiculturalism:  A Legacy of the 60's; Exploring Diversity:

Origins, Attitudes, Institutions; Who Governs?  Power and Politics in America



Musical Democracy, (Albany, New York:  State University of New York Press,  2006), pp. 168.


Understanding Dogmas and Dreams: A Text, 2nd edition (Washington, D.C.:  CQ Press,   2006),

pp. 278; 1st edition (Chatham, New Jersey:   Chatham House Publishers, Inc., 1998).


Dogmas and Dreams: A Reader in Modern Political Ideologies, 3rd ed., (Washington, D.C.:  CQ

Press, 2005/2006), pp. 737; 1st and 2nd editions (Chatham, New Jersey:  Chatham House

Publishers, Inc., 1991, 1998).


Marx, Nietzsche, and Modernity, (New York: Columbia University Press, 1986; reissued due to 

increased demand 1996),  pp. 264.



Why do the Sirens Sing?: Figuring the Feminine in Dialectic of Enlightenment” in Rethinking

 the Frankfurt School, eds. Caren Irr and Jeffrey Nealon, (Albany, NY:  SUNY Press, 2002),

111-122  [Revised/reprinted version of my Theory & Event article below.]


Disembodying Democracy: Gendered Discourse in Habermas’s Legalistic Turn” in Confronting

 Mass Democracy and Industrial Technology: German Political and Social Thought from

 Nietzsche to Habermas, ed. John McCormick (Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press,

 2002), 321-342.


What’s Left of Marx?” in The Cambridge Companion to Habermas, ed. Stephen K. White

(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995),   46-66.



Rawlsian Harmonies: Overlapping Consensus [as] Symphony Orchestra,” Theory, Culture, & Society,

20:6 (December 2003), 121-140.


“’Singing For Our Lives’: Women’s Music and Democratic Politics,” Hypatia: A Journal of

 Feminist Philosophy, 17:4 (Fall 2002), 71-94.


Why do the Sirens Sing?: Figuring the Feminine in Dialectic of Enlightenment, Theory and Event 3:1 (1999).


Ideal Speech and Feminist Discourse: Habermas Re-Visioned,” Women and Politics 11:3

(Fall  1991), 101-122.

Politics and Voice(s): An Empowerment/Knowledge Regime?,differences:  A Journal of

 Feminist Cultural Studies 3:1 (Spring 1991), 85-103.


Thinking (and Teaching) Democratically: A Defense of Ideologies,” The Political Science

 Teacher 3:1 (Winter 1990), 12-14.


Foucault and Habermas on Discourse and Democracy,”  Polity 22:2 (Winter 1989), 269-293.


Epistemology and Exchange: Marx, Nietzsche, and Critical Theory,” New German Critique, 41

 (Spring/Summer 1987), 71-94.


Class or Mass: Marx, Nietzsche, and Liberal-Democracy,” Studies in Soviet Thought, 33:1

(January 1987), 43-64.


Review Articles

Fighting for the Sixties: Political Movements and Cultural Change,” (with William F. Fine),     

Polity 32:2  (Winter 1999), 285-299.  


Dialectics and Politics,” Polity 19:4 (Summer 1987), 693-705.


Encyclopedia Article


“Democracy” (with Joshua L. Vermette) in Youth Activism:  An International Encyclopedia,

ed. Lonnie R. Sherrod, et. al. (Westport, Conn:  Greewood Press, 2006),  186-191.


Book Reviews 

I have reviewed books for the following journals: American Political Science Review, Ethics, Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, Journal of the History of the Behavioral Science, Journal of Politics, Perspectives on Politics, Political Theory, Polity, The Review of Politics, Signs, Women and Politics


Selected Conference Papers and Presentations


“Globalization and the Americas: 1492-2002,  2003 Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania


The Dialectic of Enlightenment at Fifty,” 1997 American Political Science Association

 Convention and 1997 Midwest Political Science Association Convention.


Teaching Feminist Theory,” 1992 American Political Science Association Convention and 1991

 Northeast Political Science Association Convention


Postmodernism, Critiques of Cultural Imperialism, and the Identity Crisis for Feminism,” 1989

 American Political Science Association Convention


The Politics of Postmodernism,” 1988 American Political Science Association Convention



“The Aesthetic Politics of Hate:  Religion, Creativity, and RaHoWa,” paper proposed for the

2007 American Political Science Association Convention


“Trendy Fascism:  Hate Rock, White Power, and Global Capital,”   2006  American Political      

Science Association Convention


Journey to Justice: Of Songs, Suffering, and Surprises,” 2002 American Political Science

 Association Convention


Rawlsian Harmonies: Overlapping Consensus as Symphony Orchestra,”  2001 American

 Political Science Association Convention


“’Singing For Our Lives’: Women’s Music and Communicative Democracy,” 2000 American       

Political Science Association Convention (for a panel I organized entitled “Corporeal

Communicative Action”)


Musical Metaphors in Democratic Theory: Habermas and Rawls,” 1999 American Political

 Science Association Convention


Why Do the Sirens Sing?:  Figuring the Feminine in Dialectic of Enlightenment,” 1998              

Rethinking the Frankfurt School Conference, Pennsylvania State University


Disembodying Democracy: Habermas’s Legalistic Turn,” 1998 American Political Science        

Association Convention


“’Singing For Our Lives’:  Women’s Music as Political Activism,” 1994 Western Political           

Science Association Convention


“’You Just Don’t Understand’: Genderlects, Lifeworlds, and Rational Communication,” 1993     

American Political Science Association Convention


Feminist Subjects: A Serial Paper” (with Christine Di Stefano, Kirstie McClure, and Shane

 Phelan), 1992 Western Political Science Association Convention


Politics and Voices: From Normalization to Justification,” 1990 American Political Science

 Association Convention


Ideal Speech and Feminist Discourse,” 1990 Western Political Science Association Convention


Freeing the Feminine: Critical Theory and the Family Revisited,” 1987 American Political

 Science Association Convention


Marx, Nietzsche, History,” 1986 American Philosophical Association Convention, Eastern          


Foucault and Habermas on Discourse and Democracy,” 1986 American Political Science            

Association Convention


Reason, Repression, and Reality in Marxism,” 1984 American Political Science Association      



Epistemology and Exchange: Marx, Nietzsche, and Critical Theory,” 1984 Northeastern            

Political Science Association Convention


Class or Mass: Marx, Nietzsche, and Liberal-Democracy,” 1984 Western Political Science

 Association Convention (nominated for Phi Sigma Alpha Award)


Commodities and Idols: Marx, Nietzsche, and Modern Ideology,  1983  Northeastern Political  

Science Association Convention



(Un)fashionable Citizens,” 2005 American Political Science Association Convention


Terror/Security” and  Spectres of the Public: Politics as Spectacle,”  2003 American Political

 Science Association Convention [withdrew due to recent surgery]


The Nature of Political Argument,”  2002 American Political Science Association Convention


What Ethical Practice Follows From Arendt, Marx, Marcuse, and Conservatism,” 1999

 American Political Science Association Convention


Derrida, Levinas, and Politics,” 1998 American Political Science Association Convention


Difference and Toleration,” 1994 American Political Science Association Convention


Politics and the Arts,” 1991 American Political Science Association Convention


Rationality and the State,” 1986 American Political Science Association Convention


Nietzsche, Aesthetics, and Politics,” 1985 American Political Science Association Convention



Ignorance and Recognition,” Ethics and Epistemologies of Ignorance Conference, Rock Ethics

Institute, Pennsylvania State University, March 2004.


Panel Four, “Art, Nature, Will: Engaging Jean-Jacques Rousseau” Conference, Pennsylvania

State University, February 2004


Labour and Forgiveness: The Framing of Recognition in Phenomenology VI, 1999 “Hegel:

Phenomenology and Spirit” Conference, Penn State University


Nietzsche, Schiller, and the Boundaries of Political Morality,” 1997 Midwest Political Science

Association Convention


Communicative Rationality Revisited,”1995 American Political Science AssociationConvention


Intersections of Feminism, Marxism, and Postmodernism,” 1991 American Political Science

Association Convention


Selected Lectures, Colloquia

Director,  Pennsylvania Humanities Council “Read About It” Discussion Group:  Pennsylvania

Writers,” Mifflin County Library, 2004;  “Detecting Women,”  Tyrone-Snyder Library, 2001,

Huntingdon County Library, 2002, Mifflin County Library, 2003, Centre County Library, 2005;

“Women’s Studies Reading and Discussion Group”:  “Women, Work, and Family,” Tyrone

Snyder Library, 1997


Pennsylvania Humanities Council Commonwealth Speaker, 1989 (Presented  two lectures –

“When Will There Be a Woman President?” and “Conspicuously Absent: Women and the

Constitution” – throughout Pennsylvania.)


Selected Professional Service

Member, First Book Award Selection Committee, Foundations of Political Theory Section,

American Political Science Association, 2006-2007.


Subcommittee Chair, “Citizenship, Democracy, and Social Justice”, Beijing +10: The North

American Regional Conference on Gender and Policy, Women’s Studies Program, Pennsylvania

State University, 2006, (conference postponed indefinitely).


Selection Committee, Best Paper Presented at the American Political Science Association

Convention Award, Foundations of Political Theory Section, 2001-2002

External Review,  Department of Political Science, University of  Massachusetts, Amherst,  2001


External Reviewer for tenure and promotion, Boston University, University of Colorado/Boulder,

Duke University, University of Utah, Williams College, University of Vermont, University of



Faculty Mentor, Women’s Caucus, American Political Science Association, 1996-1997


Program Chair, Normative Political Theory Section, 1995 American Political Science

Association Convention


Acting Chair, Pennsylvania Humanities Council, 1992-1993


Chair, Benjamin Lippincott Award Committee, American Political Science Association, 1992-93


Member, Foundations of Political Theory Book Award Selection Committee, American Political

Science Association, 1992


Member, Alice Paul Dissertation Proposal Award Selection Committee, Women’s Caucus,

American Political Science Association, 1992 and 1993


Secretary/Treasurer, Pennsylvania Humanities Council, 1992-1996


Member, Pennsylvania Humanities Council, 1991-1996


Leo Strauss Dissertation Award Chair,  American Political Science Association, 1990-1991


Selection Committee, American Council of Learned Societies, Recent Recipients of the Ph.D.

Fellowship, 1988, 1989, and 1990


External Examiner in Political Theory, Honors Program, Swarthmore College, 1987, 1988, 1990


Professional Memberships: American Political Science Association; Women’s Caucus, American

Political Science Association; American  Society for the Study of Political and Legal Philosophy;

Society for Values in Higher Education


Selected Editorial Experience

Member, Editorial Board, Polity, 1995-2002; 2005-- 

Member, Editorial Committee, Penn State Press, 1990-1993, 1994-1997

Contributing Reviewer: American Political Science Review; Canadian Journal of Political Science; Journal of Politics; Polity; Review of Politics; Signs; Studies in Comparative International   Development; Theory, Culture, and Society; Western Political Quarterly


Selected University Service


Departmental Committees

Member, Teaching Committee, 2000-2001; 2003-2004

Chair, Political Theory Search Committee, 1999-2000

Member, Head Search Committee, 1998-1999, 1984-1985

Member, Race and Politics Search Committee, 2001-2002

Member, Graduate Studies Committee, 1985-1986; 1988-1990; 1995-1999; 2004-2006

Subfield Examiner/Political Theory, 1997-1999, 2001-2003; 2005-2007.

Examiner/Women’s Studies Dual Ph.D., 2002, 2004, 2005.

Member, Undergraduate Studies Committee, 1986-1988; 1993-1995; 2000-2003.

Member, Assessment Committee, 1993

Member, Review of Head, 1989-1990

Member, Colloquium Committee, 1985-1986


College Committees

Advisory Committee, Graduate Program on Social Thought, 2002-

Faculty Advisory Committee, 1996-2001

Teaching Awards Committee, 1996-1998

Research and Graduate Studies, 1992-1993

Alumni Awards Committee, 1992-1993

Good Offices Panel, 1992-1993

Phi Beta Kappa Representative, 1984-1990

Feminist Theory Search Committee, 1994-1995

Women’s Studies Advisory Committee, 1985-1990

Chair, Women’s Studies Graduate Committee, 1989-1990


University Committees

Member, University Faculty Senate, 2002-2006

Member, Senate Subcommittee on Undergraduate Education, 2002-2006

Member, Nominating SubCommittee, College of Liberal Arts Caucus, 2004-2005

Member, Commission on LGBT Equity, 2001-2004

Co-Chair, Curricular Integration Committee, Commission on LGBT Equity, 2002-2004

Diversity Committee, Schreyer Honors College, 2001-2003

Faculty Selection Committee, Schreyer Honors College, 2001-2003

Administrative Review Committee, Liberal Arts, 2001-2002

Selection Committee, Truman Scholarships, 2000

Selection Committee, Faculty Scholar’s Medal/Social and Behavioral Sciences, 1994-97

Phi Beta Kappa, Board of Governors, 1994-1996

Facilities Planning Advisory Board, 1993-1994

Search Committee, College of Liberal Arts Dean, 1990-1991                                   


Last Revised:  January 2007