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A number of years ago, I placed an article about Wigilia, or Polish Christmas Eve, that had appeared in my local newspaper (The Centre Daily Times) onto my web site. Since then, the page has gotten thousands of visits, and I receive email every year asking for more recipes and advice on Polish cooking. I'm certainly not an expert on Polish traditions or cooking, being of the third generation (fourth on my father's side). I usually have to refer the email correspondent to a good cookbook. However, my maternal grandmother Mary Odziemiec knew a good deal about Polish cooking (among many other things). I have a small collection of her recipes, some of which appeared in the (now defunct) Buffalo Courier-Express in the mid-1970s. Some of the old articles are only partly preserved.

This page links to the Centre Daily Times story on Wigilia, to the Courier-Express "Grandma O" recipes, and to a couple of very good Polish cookbooks.
If I can find the missing parts of the "Grandma O" articles (or more articles), I'll post them. Some of the files are scans in .JPG format. You can use the zoom tool in your browser to get a closer look at the articles in these files.

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