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Education Committee

PURPOSE: To provide a forum; to interface with the Architectural Engineering and related educational programs, to interact with other professional engineering societies related to the buildings industry, and to encourage the recognition of Architectural Engineering in the professional engineering registration process. To assist in the establishment of ABET criteria and guidelines for Architectural Engineering accreditation.

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M. Kevin Parfitt
Education Committee Chairman
Department of Architectural Engr.
Penn State University
1044 Engineering Unit A
University Park, PA 16802
D. S. Bianchi
OICC Far East/PWC Yokosuka
PSC 473
Box 61 US Navy PWC
FPO, AAP 96349-2903
L. F. Geschwindner
AE ABET 2000 Coordinator
Penn State University
Department of Architectural Engineering
University Park, PA 16802
David W. Fowler
University of Texas
Cockrell Hall
Bldg. ECJ 5200
Austin, TX 78712
John A. Frauenhoffer
EXCOM Representative
Frauenhoffer & Associates
702 Bloomington
Champaign, IL 61820
Jamshid Mohammadi
Illinois Institue of Technology
Department of Civil Engineering
3201 S. Dearburn Street
Chicago, IL 60616
Linda M. Hanagan
AE Program Report Coordinator
Department of Civil and
Architectural Engineering
College of Engineering
University of Miami
P.O. Box 24829
Coral Gables, FL 33124-0630
Matt G. Syal
Continuing Education Program Coordinator
Building Construction Management
Department of Civil Engineering
17 Farrall Hall
Michigan State University
E. Lansig, MI 48824

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