McDill, Marc Eric

Assistant Professor of Forest Resource Management

The Pennsylvania State University
School of Forest Resources
214B Ferguson Building
Univeristy Park, PA 16802
(814) 865 1602

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I do research on:

Current Projects

Forest Management Planning System for the PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry.

This project will develop a forest management planning system for Pennsylvania's 2.1 million acres of state forests. (More information. Also, see Vision Paper. (Requires the Acrobat Reader).)

Assesment of Pennsylvania's Forest Property Tax

This project will evaluate the effectiveness of the Clean and Green program in maintaining Pennsylvannia's forestland base and the program's impact on forest management decisions. (More information).

Regeneration Development in State Forest Stands Before and After Harvest

This project developed an extensive database of pre-existing stand conditions and stand development patterns following harvest in 53 forest stands in southcentral, central, and northcentral Pennsylvania. (More information).

Past Projects

Promoting Ecotourism on Private Lands

Ecotourism can offer private forest landowners a means to take advantage of natural resources on or near their lands to provide additional sources of income. At the same time, ecotourism can expand the economic base of local communities, providing economic and social benefits to the area. Private landowners and local entrepreneurs are always interested in additional sources of income from their lands; however, most have limited experience in developing ecotourism operations. This project is focused on determining existing and potential ecotourism activities on private lands, and identifying the key personal, environmental, economic and social factors needed for successful ecotourism operations, including barriers to their success.


FOR 466W.
Forest Resources Management. Basic timber management course -- financial analysis, land expectation value, forest value, uneven-aged management, area and volume control, long-term sustained yield, harvest scheduling, forest planning. (Here's a JavaScript Demo that shows some basic financial analysis calculations.)
FOR 410.
Forest Ecosystem Management. Review and discuss the ecosystem management literature. Introduces students to the basic concepts, methods and issues involved in applying ecosystem management in temperate forests. Basic questions addressed include: What is ecosystem management? What are biodiversity, ecosystem integrity, sustainability, adaptive management? How can they be operationalized? How can human needs be balanced with ecological goals? How is ecosystem management implemented?

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