Mike's Skybolt  Hatz Project
Building the Hatz CB-1
OK, I was going to build a Steen Skybolt. I wanted a full-blown aerobat that was roomy and looked good. The kicker was geting the money to pay for it all (meaning...the motor) After running the numbers, and realizing I would want some serious HP up front to do the aero thing, and taking up gliders, and realizing that soaring gives me the flying challenge I need, and rethinking why I was building, and deciding I want build for building's sake, and getting my father to partner with me so I needed to pick a two-place he'd like...I settled on the Hatz, AKA the Piper Cub of biplanes. I have always loved its looks, but shied away before because it is probably not the most high-spirited ride. But that's not an issue any more. Also, for some reason the Hatz builders are notorious for winning awards (the pix above is of a grand champion Hatz built by Billy Dawson) I want to be a part of that action too!


Go here to see what the status of the project is.

Where I am Building It

I have been blessed with a very large garage. It is essentially a 4 car garage, where you would park them 2X2. But of course the back part of the garage is for storage of lawnmowers and aircraft. I am going to start building the work bench shortly.


I have the assorted lot of handheld power drills, handtools, jigsaw, circular saw, dremel tool, and a benchtop grinder. I am on the lookout for an inexpensive bandsaw that can cut both metal and wood, and I need an Oxy-Acetylene rig for the metal parts.

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