Welcome to the Human Performance, Assessment and Modeling (HPAM) Laboratory

What do we do ?

We in the Human Performance, Assessment and Modeling Laboratory (HPAM) are focused on the understanding of operator goals, abilities, and constraints in the context of dynamic task environments such as command-and-control and supervisory control. HPAM Research areas form a mutually-supporting triad with human-in-the-loop simulations informing the development of inductive inference models which are validated through empirical work grounded in cognitive science principles. Our research tools include discrete-event simulations, evolutionary computation methods, statistical inference techniques, and opportunistic reasoning techniques.

Completed projects :
Wright state Aegis Simulation Platform (WASP)
Adaptive aiding using Physiological Operator Functional State Assessment
Display concept development and experimental design for National Missile Defense
LMCTS (LEGOŽ MindStorm-based Configurable Telerobotics System)
Our ongoing projects :
Investigating Compensatory and Noncompensatory Decision Making Strategies in Dynamic Task Environments
Team Aegis Simulation Platform (TASP)
GBMC2 crew situation awareness and decision making capabilities


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