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H. Laddie Montague Jr. Chair in Law and

Professor of Law, Penn State Dickinson Law


150 S. College St.
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NOTE:  I am based at Penn State’s Dickinson Law, which is one of two Penn State ABA-accredited law schools.  (Like the University of California system or Indiana University, Penn State has more than one law school).  Penn State’s Dickinson Law is located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 20 minutes from Pennsylvania’s state capital of Harrisburg; two hours north of our nation’s capital of Washington, D.C.; and within a one hour or less commute of a federal district court and seven different state [county] courthouses.  At Penn State’s Dickinson Law, our Core Principles include teaching, scholarship, service, and community.  All of our faculty members have practiced law and we aspire to vest in our students the entire range of concrete lawyering skills necessary to most effectively perform as legal professionals at the local, state, national, transnational, and international levels in the twenty-first century.  We are also engaged in a quest for knowledge and wisdom that we can share not only with our students but also with legal professionals, scholars, policy makers, and others, consistent with Penn State's role as a world-class research university. Since January 2008, Dickinson Law faculty members have published or have forthcoming approximately 50 books, 90 book chapters and 135 articles. During this time period, eighty percent of the current tenured faculty members have been an author or co-author of a book; eighty percent have written book chapters; and 100 percent have written articles. There have been more than 22,000 downloads on SSRN of our scholarship. Almost fifty percent of our tenured faculty members have received a Fulbright grant; all have taught or worked overseas. See

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·       Resources about Global Legal Practice 

            (This page contains numerous links to help research global legal practice)

·       Selected Presentations (includes PowerPoint slides)

·       JOTWELL & Casebook Blog posts 

·       Publications

·       Publications (Organized by Topic)

Ø  Global Legal Practice

Ø  GATS and Legal Services

Ø  The CCBE and European Union Regulation of Lawyers

Ø  MDPs (Multidisciplinary Partnerships)

Ø  U.S. Domestic Legal Ethics

Ø  Bologna Process and Legal Education

Ø  Miscellaneous

Ø  JOTWELL and Casebook Blog Posts

·       Publications (Organized by Function)

Ø  Transparency” Articles

Ø  Exploration or “Mapping” Articles

Ø  Commentary and “Reflection” Articles

Ø  Reform Proposals

Ø  Teaching-Related Articles

Ø  “Outreach” Articles

Ø  Miscellaneous Articles

·       Terry Submission to the Technical subgroup (TSG) of the Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications on behalf of the International Bar Association  [collecting legal services classification systems]

·       Terry Submissions to the ABA MJP (Multijurisdictional Practice) Commission [the last set of entries on the page]

(analyzes 12 global legal practice schemes with respect to: 1) Forms of Association; 2) Scope of Practice; and 3) Ethics and Discipline)

·       Terry Submissions to the ABA MDP (Multidisciplinary Practice) Commission [the last set of entries on the page]

(analyzes the testimony of the ABA MDP Commission witnesses according to issues identified in my “Issues Checklist”)

·       Terry Interview with “Crossing the Bar.Com” about NAFTA, GATS, and the EU Regulation of Lawyers (May and Dec. 2001)(excerpted in Stephen Gillers and Roy Simon, Regulation of Lawyers: Statutes and Standards 2001-2007)

·       Resources about the GATS and Legal Services

·       Resources related to the WTO Working Party on Domestic Regulation  

            (These resources are relevant to the GAT Track #2 “Disciplines” issue)

·       Courses Currently Taught:

Ø  Professional Responsibility

Ø  Global Legal Practice Seminar

Ø  Practicing Law in a Global World: Contexts & Competencies

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