Division of Social Science

GoldenDr. Lonnie Golden, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics

Email: Lmg5@psu.edu     
Phone: 215 881 7596
Office: 413-S

Ph. D., Economics, University of Illinois-Urbana

Teaching Interests and Courses taught
Labor Market Analysis (HRER 816--World Campus/Labor Studies and Employment Relations Professional Master's Degree).
Economics of Labor Markets (ECON 410).
Labor Economics (ECON 315).
Work-Life Policies and Practices (LER 472).
Employment Relations (LER 100).
Microeconomics (ECON 2).

Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON 304).
Price Theory (BA 533, PSU Great Valley MBA).
HDFS 424 (The Family in Economic Context).
Macroeconomics (ECON 4).

Research Interests and Innovations:

Economics of Work Hours,Work Schedules, Workplace Flexibility, Overwork, Student Employment, Contingent Employment, Time Use and Worker Well Being (Health, Happiness).

Selected publications list:
Recent Academic Journal Articles:
“Not Formally Introduced? Formal vs. Informal Flexible Daily Work Schedules among US Workers,” Industrial Relations, 48, 1, January 2009, 27-54.
 “A Brief History of Long Work Time and the Contemporary Sources of Overwork,” Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 84, Supplement 2, January 2009, 217-227.
 “Limited Access: Disparities in Access to Flexible Work Schedules and Location” Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 29, 1, March 2008, 86-110.
“Overtime Work and Worker Well-Being at Home,” Review of Social Economy, 66, 1, March 2008, 24-49 (with Barbara Wiens-Tuers).
“Which Workers Prefer to Exchange Income for a Change in Work Hours in the US?” Monthly Labor Review, April 2007, 18-37.
 “The Economics of Flexible Work Scheduling: Theoretical Advances and Paradoxes,” Chapter 9 in B. Rubin (ed.), Research in the Sociology of Work, Workplace Temporalities, Volume 17, May 2007, 323–351, Elsevier Ltd. (with Morris Altman).

Books co-edited:
Working Time: International Trends, Theory and Policy Perspectives, Routledge Press, London UK: 2001; 
Nonstandard Work: The Nature and Challenge of Changing Employment Arrangements, Cornell University Press, Ithaca NY: 2000.

 Selected awards, grants:

Work-Sharing and Reduced Hours in the US: Policies and Potentially Positive Effects, International Labor Organization, 2009
Work-Scheduling Project, Consultant to Grant toSocial Services Administration, University of Chicago.
Workplace Flexibility 2010, Georgetown University Law, 2008.
Annual Scholar Award, Penn State Abington College, 2007.
Career Development Professorship,
Penn State Abington College, 2005-07. 
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Workplace, Workforce and Working Families program, 2006.
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Workplace, Workforce and Working Families program, 2004-06
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Workplace, Workforce and Working Families program, 2002-03
Nominated article, for Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research, 2002.
Economic Policy Institute,  2001-03.

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