Laurie K. Scheuble



ADMJ 240W  Research Methods in Criminal Justice:


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1. Course Syllabus Spring 2004

2.  Cover letter and resume assignment

3.  Empirical Research Paper Instructions

4.  Office Hours for Course Instructors and Assistants

5.  Potential Quiz Questions—Occupations Quiz

6.  Katelyn Perry—Cover Letter Outline

7.  Katelyn Perry—Cover Letter Example

8.  Katelyn Perry—Resume Outline Example One

9.  Katelyn Perry—Resume Outline Example Two

10. Katelyn Perry—What Penn State Crime Law and Justice Grads are Doing

11.  Katelyn Perry—What Is a Resume

12.  Katelyn Perry—Frequently Asked Questions About Job Searches

13.  Katelyn Perry—Starting Your Job Search

14.  Katelyn Perry—Graduate and Law School Etiquette

15.  Katelyn


16.  Katelyn Perry—Websites for More Information

17.  Violence Survey

18.  Paper Example Number one

19.  Paper Example Number two

20.  Violence Data Set

21.  Recode descriptions for the Violence Data Set

22.  SPSS Instructions