Creating Culturally Relevant Lessons

A Culturally Relevant Lesson
Teachers can help students keep their culture instilled in their hearts and in their minds by incorporating multicultural perspectives in their lessons by:

(Reference: Menchaca, V. (2001). Providing a culturally relevant curriculum for Hispanic children. Multicultural Education, 8(3), 18-10).

The following video uses the topic culturally familiar foods and examples to enhance concept acquisition for a science lesson on proteins and carbohydrates. In this video, the host talks about the Thosai/Dosai which is a food  rich in both carbohydrates (rice) and proteins (urad dhall/black gram dhal) and is a familiar meal of students who have immigrated from the southern Indian subcontinent and South East Asia (Malaysia and Singapore) for breakfast and/or dinner.


Online Tasks:

Watch the video and carry out the following activities:

1. Describe how the video's content fulfills the requirements of a culturally relevant lesson (refer to attributes of  A Culturally Relevant Lesson).

2.  Open the following links to view additonal resources on the topic Thosai/Dosai:

3. The following are additional activities the teacher can implement into this lesson. 

The teacher can ask the students to think about the video and call on studentsto summarize the video's content.

The teacher can help students make the connection between the concepts being taught and the video host's discussion of the topic.

4. Briefly discuss where you will insert this video or its enahnced version with your recorded narrative in your lesson plan for the topic on carbohydrates and proteins.