Advisor of Graduate Work

Chair & Advisor of Doctoral Dissertations—Completed

2016 • Yen-Ju Lin, Ph.D., Art Education—Dissertation: Designing with Information and Communications Technologies for Event Potentials in an Art Museum Context

2015 • Jessica Kirker, Ph.D., Art Education—Dissertation: Drawing Identities: An Art Teacher’s Autoethnographic Reflections of Racialized and Gendered Discourses

2015 • Ann Holt, Ph.D., Art Education, minor Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Co-chair of Dissertation: A Case Study of User Experience with Archives: Feminist Teaching Conversations with the Judy Chicago Art Education Collection at the Pennsylvania State University Archives

2013 • Hong Kyu Koh, Ph.D. in Art Education—Dissertation: Art Critiques and Ecological Perspectives of Contextuality, Equity, and Harmony: Recommendations for Korean Art Education

2012 • Mary Elizabeth Meier, Ph.D. in Art Education—Dissertation: Shifts in Thinking” In Arts Teachers’ Narratives: Documentation as Inquiry and Artifact

2012 * Jennifer L. Motter, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: Feminist Art Curriculum: Politicizing the Personal Via Cyberpost Activism.

2011 * Christine Liao, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: Avatar Re/assembling as Art-making, Knowledge-making, and Self-making

2011 * Ryan Patton, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: Games as Artistic Medium: Interfacing Complexity Theory in Game-based Art Pedagogy

2011 * Wei-Chung Chang, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: A Narrative Inquiry of Three Women's Perceptions of Success and Self-Motivation in the 3-D Animation Industry

2011 * Adetty Pérez Miles, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: Dialogic Encounters: The School of Panamerican Unrest

2008 * Michelle Tillander, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: Cultural Interface as an Approach to New Media Art Education

2007 * Hui-Chun Hsiao, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: The Sims 2: Reflective Learning and Identity Construction. Received the Harla Hoffa Dissertation Award (2008).

2007 * Sharif Bey, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: Aaron Douglas and Hale Woodruff: The Social Responsibility and Expanded Pedagogy of the Black Artist. Received the Harla Hoffa Dissertation Award (2008).

2006 * Apisak Sindhuphak, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: The Need for a Digital Library of Indigenous Materials from a Cultural Perspective in Thailand's Design Education

2004 * Jihyun Sohn, Ph.D. in Art Education-Dissertation: Web-enhanced Art Education for Critical Intepretation: Constructing Critical Interpretations of Visual Culture in Preservice Art Education

2003 * Elizabeth Leal, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Art Education emphasis-Dissertation: Transformative Power of Art: A Self-Study

2002 * Joyce Centofanti, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Art Education emphasis-Dissertation: Gender Differences in Learning the Alphabet Using Clay and a Tactual/Kinesthetic Approach

2002 * George Bauer, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Independent track emphasis-Dissertation: Perpetual Displacement as a Creative Concept and Critical Strategy of Inquiry into Sites of Meaning

2001 * Michelle Kraft, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Art Education emphasis-Dissertation: A Policy Analysis and Case Study of Special Learners in the Art Classroom

2000 * Oliver McRae, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Art Education emphasis-Dissertation: Toward an Understanding of the Beaux Arts Curriculum: A Survey Analysis of Six Sculptors Educated in the United States Beaux Arts Academies in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

2000 * Shwu-Huoy Tzou, , Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Art History and Criticism emphasis (Co-chair)-Dissertation: Cultural-Specific and International Influences on and Critical Perceptions of Five Asian Installation Artists: Gu Wenda, Yanagi Yukinori, Xu Bing, Miyajima Tatsuo, and Choi Jeong-Hwa

1999 * Julia Fox, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Art Education emphasis-Dissertation: An Analysis of Student-Perceived Outcome from Three Types of Visual Arts Courses Selected to Fulfill University General Education Requirements

Chair & Advisor of Master Theses—Completed

2015 * Leslie Sotomayor, M.S. in Art Education. Thesis: A Feminist Curatorial Art Practice Collaborative Exhibit with Cuban and Cuban-American Artists

2011 * Danielle Leveston, M.S. in Art Education, Thesis: “Wow! I Didn't Even Know Black Artists Existed!” Advocating for Black Students in the Visual Arts Through Autoethnography

2004 * Ryan Patton, M.S. in Art Education, Thesis: “Why” Project: Art in the Aftermath for Consolation and Community?

1998 * Silvia Daneri, MAE, Thesis: African-American and Mexican American Cowboys: A Multicultural, Social Reconstructionist, Interdisciplinary Art Education Curriculum.

1998 * Norma Jean Moore, MAE, Thesis: Developing and Implementing a Formative Assessment Contextually Bound by Three Critical-thinking Art Lessons for a Fourth Grade Class.

Chair & Advisor of Master Projects—Completed

2016 • Stephanie Melachrinos, MPS in Art Education. Thesis: Weaving Border Crossings

2015 • Heather Fry, MPS in Art Education. Thesis: Teaching Meaning: Making High School Art Culture

2013 • Kelli Reppart, MPS in Art Education. Thesis: How, What, and Why Students Learn in an Art Workshop Setting

2013 • Anya Wallace, MPS in Art Education. Thesis: Pleasure (re)Collected by Young Black Women and Girls in The Vibrator Project

2012 * Laura McGowen, MAE, project: Ecological-Based Art Education: An Instructional Resource

2001 * Danielle Hale-Feist, MAE, project: A Community-based Mural Project

2000 * Tiffanie Davis, MAE, project emphasis: Middle School Student Responses to an Art Unit Involving Feminist WebQuests

1998 * Diane Briseño, MAE, artistic/studio problem emphasis-Presentation/Exhibit: Impact of Text on Images

1998 * Mary Beth Rippel, MAE, artistic/studio problem emphasis-Presentation/Exhibit: Emergence

1996 * Adetty Peréz Miles, MAE, artistic/studio problem emphasis-Presentation/Exhibit: Contributions of Chicana Artists to the Feminist Movement

Chair & Advisor of Undergraduate Thesis—Completed

2007 • Rachel Bachman, B.S. in Art Education with Honors. Thesis: Technology in Art Education: Where is it? 

2006 • Ann Chirdon, B.S. in Art Education with Honors. Arts-based Research Project: Visual culture for individuals experiencing Visual impairment: A research project on  Multi-sensory art.

1999 * Sarah Wolter, General Studies Undergraduate Thesis Co-chair - Thesis: Using the Chinese Theory of 'Feng Shui' to Design Living Spaces: A Case Study

1998 * Melissa Hutson, General Studies Undergraduate Thesis Co-chair - Thesis: Emergent Patterns from Selected Studies of Elementary-aged Children Involved in Art Making

Membership on Graduate Advisory Committees Doctoral Dissertations Completed:

2016 • Carly Scarton (Counselor Education & Supervision)
Dissertation: Activist Identity Development and Experiences Among School Counselors Who Advocate For and With LGBT Students

2013 • Chien-Tu Jeff Lai, Ph.D., Art Education—Dissertation: An Oral History Study of Foreign Design Experts Influence on Taiwanese Design Education from 1963 to 1966

2007 * Ellen Key Ballock, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction-Dissertation: The Development and Evaluation of a Self-Study Process for Critical Friends Group

2007 * Wan-Hsiang Chou, Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction-Dissertation: The Strange Case of Disconnection: Co-Sleeping, Attachment, and the Imported Picture Books about Bedtime in Taiwan

2005 * Chia-chi Chuang, Ph.D., Art Education-Dissertation: A Descriptive Case Study of the Impact of a Professor's Teaching Strategies on Taiwanese College Students' Photographic Image Interpretations.

2004 * Po-Hsien Lin, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Fine Arts-Dissertation: Art Teachers' Attitudes Toward and Experiences in the Use of Computer Technology to Conform with the Teaching Strategies Stipulated in the 2002 Taiwaness First to Ninth Grade Curriculum Alignment

2003 * Tavin, Kevin, Ph.D., Art Education-Dissertation: A Critical Pedagogy of Visual Culture as Art Education: Toward a Performative Inter/Hypertextual Practice

2002 * Briggs, Judith, Ph.D., Art Education-Dissertation: Interpreting the Frames: An Analysis of the Implementation of the New South Wales Visual Arts Syllabus, Year 9

2001 * Kimball, Tom, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy-Dissertation: A Case Study of the Experiences of Women and Therapists in a Collaborative Language Systems Therapy Group for Divorced Women Framed by Feminist and Attachment Theory and Practice

2001 * Salinas, Sue Elwood, Ph.D., Educational Instructional Technology-Dissertation: Students Perceptions of Technology Integrated Experiences in Their Method Courses

2001 * Gharaibeh, Anne Ayesh, Ph.D., Land-Use Planning, Management, & Design, College of Architecture-Dissertation: The Use and Evaluation of Euretics as a Pedagogy for Motivating Creative Designs Among Beginning Architectural Students

2000 * Burleson, Kathy, Ph.D., Educational Instructional Technology-Dissertation: The Effects of Content and Screen Design on Learner Achievement in a Web-Based Course

2000 * Williams, Marian Kay, Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Music emphasis-Dissertation: An Alternative Class Piano Approach Based on Selected Suzuki Principles

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