Welcome to Class!

This will be a fun learning experience for you.

I hope you are as enthusiastic about the time we will be spending together during the next several weeks as I am.  I encourage you to involve yourself in the rich, interactive environment of our classroom by participating fully on every level of the communication media that we have made available for you. You will meet some interesting people who, as your classmates, will be very helpful to you in the completion of your assignments and helping to maximize your learning experience. I'm looking forward to our discussions, which will take place through out our semester and in emails between you, your fellow students, and me...think of our class as one big learning-team.

Part of my job is to help you discover that learning, while challenging, can be fun when we make it collaborative and social ... not competitive and isolated. Sharing your ideas and responding to the ideas of others will improve your critical thinking processes and deepen your understanding of the course content/material. The idea is that we all work together as a team. By using technology as a lever, we can reach our educational goals and make this a very rewarding experience.

I believe that each of you brings a wealth of life experience and knowledge which will enhance your answers to the questions that will serve as the core of the course discussions we develop each week. By blending these experiences with the principals of business theory and best practices, we can all reap the rewards of the learning environment.

These are the guidelines I use for grading your work in this class, students who:

  • Provide minimal efforts for assignments by responding to required questions and completing other assignments by answering the questions literally (i.e., from one's own experience, etc.), without using outside sources to support your thoughts and opinions, will, most likely, earn a C in this course.
  • Who offer a good level of analysis by taking and supporting positions beyond merely answering the questions and repeating historical facts, participate actively by communicating and contributing through the various communications media, can earn a B in this course.
  • Who demonstrate a superior level of involvement by meeting and exceeding the C & B work levels above; and, justifying your positions by fully explaining your thoughts and opinions with appropriate research materials can earn an A in this course. ALL sources must be cited using APA style.
  Some other important details:
  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style count.  I suggest that you take advantage of the excellent features of the spelling and grammar checker, which is part of your Microsoft Word program. Also, please note that copying information from an external resource is meaningless if that information is your primary response and does not function as a support for your position(s). Therefore, do not simply copy and/or cite an external resource for team project.
  • Remember the key to making this experience rewarding and fun, is learning to blend your experience and work product with that of your classmates to maximize the learning experience for all of us.
  • Please be sure to check the Assignment List periodically and before beginning an assignment.  Why?  I may post specific comments for each assignment as an amendment in the Assignment List. 
  • Check out the link below for helpful  writing hints


I look forward to chatting, reviewing, and learning from your work....take care, Kathy