American Studies 402
Spring 1998

Index of Papers by Author
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Taste, Style, and Class in American Culture

I. Do we really want to know? Self-consciousness and class (Anglophilia) Charley Tibbles Jay Schumacher media (?) Kristin Clark Articulation: Theories of class Jay Schumacher

II. Learning and literacy High brow/low brow Anglophilia (Charley Tibbles) The Shakespeare thing: cannons and class Dave Mauro Amy Geyer Josh Sturm

III. The smell of money: Mark Adams Rank and wealth Philanthropy

IV. Time: what is it worth: work and leisure Dave Mauro leisure time and travel Joy Messinger Kerri Fegly Spending time, passing it, wasting it, using it

V. Amusements: public and private Sports Mark Adams Games Entertainments Kerri Fegly Broadway musicals:Jodi Stewart Vacations (Disney World/Vegas) Darren Gouran Kerri Fegly

VI. The “Arts” Musical tastes and class Dennis Gouran; Steve Lutz Dramatic appreciation: theatre, film, TV TV Commercials: Jim Coyne Art in the home; museums; public tastes home decorations: Michele Lovascio Amy Geyer (what is art: regionally; collectibles) antiques: Charley Tibbles

VII. Style and styles as markers of Class manners/comportment dress (Michele Lovascio; Steve Lutz) sobriety and temperance (Sam Owens?) Food and Drink (Sam Owens) gender display: masculine and feminine styles language/dialect Josh Sturm regionalism Joy Messinger: Louisiana vernacular architecture: Jennifer Zelazny ethnicity Kristin Clark

VIII. Tradition and innovation stylish beliefs and tastes in religions cultural “preservation” Kristin Clark cannonicity Dave Mauro Amy Geyer Josh Sturm fads, fashions, traditions newness and rawness Kristin Clark; Steve Lutz traditions: the good, the bad, the ugly Anglophilia :Charley Tibbles Dennis Partridge weddings,graduations, and births; naming of children Kerri Fegly

IX. Community and individuality (conformity and eccentritity) confidence and comfort: knowing who you are slumming and sneaking in intentional tackiness(?)Michele Lovascio dressing down: Steve Lutz

X. The Business of Taste