Grading Rubric





0 or 1




Purposeful Evidence of preplanning. Content areas are specific and well documented

Evidence of preplanning. Content areas are complete, but not in depth.

Some aspects of project show evidence of preplanning. Few content areas are well documented

Very limited evidence of preplanning. Most content areas are not documented




Project has distinct focus. Each content area is a vital part of a logical sequence. All information is neatly and clearly displayed

Project is focused and most content areas are logically sequenced. Most information is neatly and clearly displayed

Project has little focus, but some evidence of logical sequencing is present. Neatness and clarity are not present in all content areas.

The project has very little focus, and little evidence of sequencing. Information is presented in a sloppy and unclear manner.




No grammatical or spelling errors present. Sentence structure is varied.

Few grammatical and/or spelling errors. Some variety of sentence structure.

Many grammatical and spelling errors are present. Little variation in sentence structure.

Grammar and spelling are not appropriately used. No evidence of sentence structure.



Graphics are precise, varied and detailed. They relate to the subject and effectively enhance the presentation.

Graphics show some precision and variance, and are related to the specific content area.

Graphics are used but not effectively, and are not always relevant to the subject.

Very limited use of graphics, and no relevance to the specific content area.





High level of cooperation from all group members. Respect for other team members consistently shown.

Respectful of other team members. Cooperation among group members is evident most of the time.

Inconsistent effort in respecting others, listening, and contributing toward the presentation.

Disrespectful of others. Very limited use of cooperative skills.

Total Points __________


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