Team Assignment Sheet


1) Click on the topic that your team will be researching.

Print out a copy of your questions.

Apothecary Shop General Store

Mill Tannery

Church Tavern

Home School

2) Use the available resources listed on the first page of this

webquest to answer all of the questions on your printed sheet about your topic.

Click button to go to first page of this webquest.

Click resource list for your topic.


*Make sure that your answers to your questions are in complete sentences. (Keep a list of the resources that you use.)


3) Take your answers to your questions and type them on the

computer into a report.

4) While one person is typing, the rest of you need to find

definitions for your list of vocabulary words. Go back and use your resource list.

Click button to get your vocabulary words.

Print out a copy.


5) Make a cover for your report. It must include:

The title of your topic.

Authors of the report.

Neat, colored picture relating to the topic.

6) Make a bibliography page listing the resources you used.

We will show you how this must be done.


Richwine, Sarah A. Living in Colonial America ,1999

7) Draw and color two pictures of your building. One of

the outside, and one of the inside with the things that would be seen.

8) Put all of these things together with the cover first, the typed report second, the pictures third, the definitions fourth, and the bibliography last. Staple them together.

9) Use your picture and report to design a 3-D building. Begin by doing the outside of the building. Decide what kind of material they would have used and make it look as real as possible.

Next, work on the inside walls of your building.

Now, add things that would be inside of your building. They must be things that would have been found in your building. You must include at least 10 items.

10) When you have completed steps 1 through 9, click button

to go to first page of this webquest. Click evaluation to see and print out your grading rubric. As a team, grade yourselves.




*If you have done all of these things, you have done a wonderful job of working together as a team and you deserve a pat on the back. Governor Dunmore is so proud of you that you are rewarded with a gold coin printed in honor of your new town. Good job.