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Jobs And
His Life

Writing And Illustrating

Ideas For Authors




Steven Kellogg was born on October 26, 1941.

He grew up in Connecticut.

As a boy, he loved animals and nature.

He has two younger sisters.

He used to draw pictures for them.

He would also make up stories to tell his sisters.


Steven loved picture books by Beatrix Potter.

She wrote about Peter Rabbit and other animal friends.

Click on the book to see more about her stories.


In school, Steven read many books about animals. He also liked to draw pictures for stories he wrote.



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Job and Life

Steven Kellogg was a teacher.

He started to write and illustrate books.

Steven now lives in a farmhouse on a hill.

He has many cats and dogs. One of his favorite dogs is Pinkerton. He also has a cat named Rose. Look for Pinkerton and Rose in Steven’s illustrations.


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Writing and Illustrating

Steven Kellogg’s first book was published in 1967.

He has written and/or illustrated almost 90 books.

Here is a list of his books.

You can click on the title of these books to see the cover.


Some of Steven’s ideas for his books come from things that happened when he was growing up.

Steven likes to draw his illustrations. He uses colored pencils and pens.

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Ideas For Authors

Steven Kellogg says that authors should have FUN writing and drawing! Authors should take plenty of time to read stories and look at pictures.

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