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Eric Carle was born on June 25, 1929.

He lived in New York until he was six.

Then his family moved to Germany.

It was hard for Eric to leave his home and his friends.

When he was young, Eric’s father took him on walks in the woods.

They looked at bugs and small animals.

Eric loved learning about nature.

In school, Eric liked to read, draw and learn about animals.



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Job and Life

When he was older, Eric moved back to America.

He drew pictures for a newspaper in New York City.


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Writing and Illustrating

One day, an author named Bill Martin, Jr. saw Eric’s picture of a red lobster. He liked the picture. Bill asked Eric to draw the pictures for his next story. Together, they wrote and illustrated Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Soon, Eric was writing his own stories. The first book he wrote and illustrated by himself was called 1, 2, 3 To The Zoo .


Eric has illustrated more than 60 books.

He has written many of these books, too.

Here is a list of his books.

One of Eric’s most famous stories is The Very Hungry Caterpillar . It can be read by children in 25 different languages!


Eric Carle makes many of his illustrations out of paper. He paints this paper. Then he cuts and glues it together to make a picture. His pictures are made in bright colors.


???Eric Carle has answered many questions from young authors.

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You can also visit the official Eric Carle website!



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Ideas For Authors

Eric Carle says that thinking is what writing and reading is all about!

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