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1. Envoy Perspective

2. Brief

3. Protocol Log

4. Bargaining Plan


5. Proposal

6. Negotiations

7. Recommendation




PROTOCOL LOG: Working Together for Peace


You have worked by yourself to complete your brief, but from now on you will be working with others to complete most of the remaining steps to peace. The Protocol Log will be your guide to minimize your work, create the best argument for peace, and evaluate how well your corps communicates.



Day 1:

        1. Read the articles on working together and negotiating listed below. These articles were written specifically to teach others how to negotiate for peace.
        2.  Views of Disputes

          Steps to Resolution

          Compassionate Listening (YES! A Journal of Positive Futures)

          Five Stages of the Public Peace Process (by former US & Russian diplomats)


        3. Review the rubric for the protocol log with the members of your corps.




        1. Before you begin to work with your corps, review the Protocol Log to recall the qualities a good negotiator should exhibit and observe. This shaking hand symbol will remind you to evaluate yourself and others.

        3. Each day before the end of the class evaluate yourself and others.




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