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1. Envoy Perspective

2. Brief

3. Protocol Log

4. Bargaining Plan


5. Proposal

6. Negotiations

7. Recommendation




PROPOSAL: Writing a Treaty


Envoys will use their corps' bargaining plans to help them create and present proposals. The proposals will define actions the Arabs and Israelis must do in order to resolve their conflict peacefully. The points of the proposals will become the draft of a treaty.




        1. Base your proposal entirely upon the corps' bargaining plan.

        3. Each envoy will present a proposal in the form of a speech that will be unique from the other envoys of their corps. (Essentially, each member of the corps will present a proposal based on different parts of their bargaining plan.)

        5. Use citations to indicate sources of information. Specifically, the title, date, and page number of sources must be given.




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SCHEDULE: You have 4 days to complete your proposal.

Day 1 & 2:

        1. Remember to review your Protocol Log and evaluate yourself and the members of your corps.

        3. Decide which envoys of your corps will present which objectives of your bargaining plan in the form of proposals.

        5. Review the rubric for your proposal. The rubric is a measurement of different levels of the quality of a speech. Your proposal will be assessed based on this rubric.

        7. As a corps listen to excerpts of your chief representatives and evaluate them based on the proposal rubric. According to the proposal rubric determine how the speakers made it easier for you to understand their messages.
        8.  Audio excerpts of speeches (click on links)



        9. Write drafts of your proposals.



Day 3 & 4:

        1. Remember to review your protocol log and evaluate yourself and the members of your corps.

        3. As a corps watch the video of your chief representatives giving speeches. Determine how the speakers' platform behavior (see the proposal rubric) makes it easier for you to understand their messages.
        4.  Video excerpts of Speeches (appears on the second page, under "Video" within the article)


        5. Finish writing your proposal and type it.

        7. Practice presenting your proposal.



Day 5 & 6:

        1. All envoys will present proposals. All envoys should be prepared to present proposals by Day 5.

        3. All envoys will submit proposals after each presents it.

        5. Go to step 6, Negotiations.



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