The Process

These are the steps that you should follow as you complete your WebQuest. Please try to follow these steps as closely as possible as you will be graded according to the completeness and accuracy of your projects. If you would specifically like to see how these projects will be graded, please visit the evaluation page.

  1. Meet with the other members of your group. Come up with a plan to research each of the energy options. It would probably be best for you to assign one energy option to each member of the group.
  2. Once you have decided what you are going to research, begin investigating the resources that are given to you. I recommend the following:
  3. Prepare an option paper that lists the general information about the energy option you have researched. Also, the option paper should include the pros and cons of the option.
  4. Collaborate with your group. All members of the group should share what they have learned about the energy options. Decide on which energy option is best for the town.
  5. Prepare a group presentation that should cover the following:
  6. Your presentation should be 3:00 in length. All members of the group should participate. The presentation should be visually stimulating to the other class members. This means that overheads, posters, or other audio/visual techniques should be utilized.
  7. When complete, be sure that each member of the group turns in his or her own "option paper" as described in number 3 above.