Roles for Mars Proponents

1. Congratulations for picking Mars as the best destination for a colony and tours! I am sure after your power point presentation Congress will think it is the best destination, too. You should divide your team up evenly into the following five groups:

The Astronaut:

As the Astronaut, your group should research all past, present and future planned missions to Mars and explorations of Mars.


  The Environmental Specialist:

As the Environmental Specialist, your group should research the planet’s climate, atmosphere, weather, length of the day and year, and distance from the sun.


The Geographical Engineer:

As the Geographical Engineer, your group should research all the geographical features of Mars.


The Terraformer:

As the Terraformers, your group should research all the materials one needs to survive in space.


 The Spy:

As the Spy, your group must concentrate on researching the moon. You will use this information to build a case that Mars is the better destination.


  1. When your group has determined their role, you may click on DETAILS FOR MARS’ ROLES and begin your tasks.

  3. After completing your roles, return to number three of the process (action plan for sharing) by clicking back to the main webquest page.