GOAL WORKSHEET Goal well-thought out, feasible

Well-thought out plan

No spelling errors

Goal worksheet is complete

Worksheet included with poster

Goal thought out, feasible

Good plan

1-2 spelling errors

Goal is not thought out feasible

Has a plan

Some spelling errors

No goal or goal is not feasible......g

No plan

Many spelling errors

Goal worksheet is not complete

Worksheet is not included with poster

POSTER Poster is complete

Poster is correct size

Very creative

Excellent visual appeal

Illustrates goal and plan well




Good visual appeal

Illustrates goal and plan well



Some creativity

Has some visual appeal

Illustrates goal and plan adequately

No poster or incomplete

Poster is not correct size

Not Creative

No visual appeal

Does not illustrate goal or plan




Tutorial complete, no mistakes

Answer is correct, creative, and logical

Addressed all bank options

fff ffffffffffffffff fffffffff

Answer is correct and logical

Addressed most bank options

Tutorial complete, few mistakes

Answer is correct ffffffffffff

Addressed bank options

Did not complete tutorial fffff

Answer is not correct

Did not answer letter


All facts are accurate

Named all information sources


Most facts are accurate

Named most information sources

Not Complete

Most facts are not accurate

Information source not included

PRESENTATION Excellent eye contact

Excellent voice control

Excellent opening statement

Organized, logical sequence of facts

Presentation is factual and informative

Presentation is very interesting

Excellent Visuals

Good eye contact

Good voice control

Good opening statement

ffffff ffffff ffffff ffffff f

fffffffffffff ff ff f f fff f

Presentation is interesting

Eye Contact

Voice Control

Opening statement aaaaaaa

Organized ffffff ffffff f f fff

Presentation is informative


Poor or no eye contact

Poor voice control

No opening statement aaaaaaa

Not organized, no logical sequence

Presentation is not factual or informative

Presentation is not interesting

No Visuals

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