Grade Level: Middle School

Objective: To teach young people how to manage their own money by becoming financially literate. Three major points - Start saving money when you are young - Save some money every month - Keep focused on your goal(s).

Teachers should go through this Web Quest first before assigning it to their students. It is recommended that students be familiar with Aesop's tale of The Ant and The Grasshopper before starting this Web Quest.

There are many resources on the web to help you teach children about saving and investing money. American Savings Education Council , Kids and Money, YAHOO Finance, Merrill Lynch, NAIC, Jumpstart, are a few of the many sites on the internet to look for free materials, links, and lesson plans. Many financial institutions and investment centers are happy to send someone out to talk to your students about saving and investing money. Thinkquest, has an excellent collection of investment web sites designed by kids for kids.

It is important that the teacher acts as a facilitator and guide throughout this Web Quest. After each lesson a class discussion should take place, helping students clarify their thoughts about saving and investing money.

Lesson 1 is about setting goals and developing a plan to reach those goals. Encourage students to set personal as well as financial goals. It is important that the goals be realistic and feasible. Students should be aware that their goals may change, as their circumstances change.

Lesson 2 shows us how money makes more money by compounding interest over time. Students have time on their side, its much easier to save while you are young and you have no financial responsibilities. Students will complete an interactive tutorial and write a letter for task 2.

Lesson 3 students will compare different savings and investing options.

Lesson 4 shows the students how to pick and evaluate a stock that they would like to invest in. There is no 'right' stock investment for everyone. Students will present their evaluation of the stock they picked to the class.

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