It Takes Money To Make Money

The Ant and the Grasshopper

By Patty White

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One fine winter's day, the Ant was hard at work, investing his money. Presently, up came the Grasshopper, who begged the Ant to spare her a few dollars. "For," she said, "I am broke and I must have money to pay my rent." Ant stopped working for a moment, "May I ask what you did with all the money you earned this summer, Grasshopper? Why didn't you save or invest some of your money for your future needs?" "The fact is," replied the Grasshopper, "I was so busy spending my money and having fun, that I haven't any money left." The Ant took pity on the foolish Grasshopper and gave her a small loan at 10% interest. Then the Ant asked, "Grasshopper, do you know anything about making money work for you?" The poor Grasshopper had no idea what Ant was talking about, "I don't know anything about money Ant, except to spend it." "Making money work for you is what saving and investing money is all about. Would you like to learn more?" Grasshopper replied, "Yes Ant, I want to know more about making money work for me."

What about you? Are your saving habits like the Ant's or the Grasshopper's? Take the Money Quiz to find out if you are a spender or a saver. Then learn along with the Grasshopper, how you can make money work for you.






Learn along with the Grasshopper as the Ant teaches her about investing. At the end of this Web Quest you will:






Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4

Like the Grasshopper and the Ant, you decide what to so with your money: spend it all or set some money aside so it can work for you. Setting money aside for savings and investments requires self-discipline and a plan. In the first lesson, Grasshopper learns about self-discipline, having a plan, and why she should save and invest her money.

Lesson 1


Grasshopper is excited by what she learns about setting financial goals and is anxious to learn more on how she can reach her goals. In the second lesson Ant tells the Grasshopper how money makes more money and why it works.

Lesson 2





Grasshopper understands how money can make more money and she is ready to start saving and investing her money, but where does she begin? In the third lesson Grasshopper learns the difference between saving her money and investing her money.

Lesson 3



Now the Grasshopper knows the difference between saving and investing. She wants to invest some of her money. In the fourth lesson. Grasshopper learns how to choose and evaluate stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Lesson 4








You will be evaluated on what you learned in each of the four lessons.









"Oh Ant," cried the Grasshopper, "Thank you so much for teaching me what saving and investing money are all about. The three most important things I learned are:

Start saving and investing money now, while you're young

Save and invest money on a regular basis

Keep focused on your goal(s)

I didn't realize how easy and fun it is to manage my own money Ant. I know there is so much more to learn about saving and investing money." "Grasshopper, you don't need me to teach you anymore. You can learn more on your own." "How can I ever thank you Ant?" "Well," said the Ant, "Your first loan payment is due today, you can pay me now Grasshopper."











Everything you wanted to know about making money, the history of money, and money games.

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