Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive

Science should be fun.. science should be edible..
iAh-HA! Herein lie a series of experiments demonstrating concepts in different branches of science. Some may be eaten before, during or after the experiment, and some definitely should not be eaten at all.

Each file lists an expected age-level to carry out the experiment, as well as all safety measures that should be undertaken. Many of the experiments will require nothing more than a quick rummaging through the kitchen cabinets. Have fun, and remember, safety first.

If you think you have an experiment worthy of the archive, feel free to fill out the online experiment acquisition form. Further sites with demonstrations can be located in the Demos section of the MAD Scientist Library.

Bon Appetit..

-Cathode Man Ray.

Collecting Micrometeorites. (non-edible)
Observing Sunspots. (non-edible)
Biological Sciences
Taking a pulse. (non-edible)
Blood pressures. (non-edible)
Coloring plant transpiration. (inedible)
Food Batteries. (edible)
Homemade Slime. (inedible)
Pop Fizz. (drinkable)
The Cat's Meow. (edible)
How to make soap. (inedible)
Baking Powder Volcano (not all that edible)
Inflammable Gasses (inedible)
Cabbage Juice pH Indicator (edible)
Chewing light (edible)
Ooblech/Non-Newtonian Fluids (edible)
Split the Smartie (edible dye chomatography).
Earth Sciences
Cheese Fractures (edible)
Making a Compass (non-edible)
Gelatinous Vector Components (edible)
Super Soap Bubbles (inedible)
Snap Crackle Jump! (edible)
Surface-Tension Driven Boat (inedible)
Cartesian Diver (partially drinkable)
Bouyancy (non-edible).

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