Where Do We Go?


Kimberly R. Simington

Harrisburg School District


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One of the most exciting activities of the school year is the End-of Year Field Trip. We get to take a trip to a big city, see the sights, shop and eat at a nice restaurant. Somehow, we always seem to run out of time. This year YOU are the tour directors. In your hands will be the power to design the Field Trip for our entire team.

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Our school district feels it is very important to plan a Field Trip that is not only FUN, but also EDUCATIONAL. To be able to do this your planning group will be responsible for making a brochure that will have four different components. First, a letter to the school district/parents that explains all of the educational aspects of our trip. Second, a trip itinerary that gives a time line for travel, dining and each sight we visit. Third, an explanation of the budget for the trip. This will include not only the entire trip, but also each individual student’s costs. Fourth, a removable section with a permission slip. Once you are finished with your brochure, you will then address the class about your proposed trip and why we should choose it as the Eighth Grade Field Trip.

After researching your city you should be able to budget time and money as well as read city and routed maps. You should also be able to recognize the historical and social values of the sights you chose to see on your trip. Finally, you should be able to present that information in written and oral forms.

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Before you begin there are two important things you should know. First, the field trip date is WEDNESDAY JUNE 9, 1999. Second, the field trip includes the ENTIRE Eighth Grade A Team. This means 120 students and 12 chaperones will be participating in the trip for a total of 132 people. (NOTE: we must include one chaperone for every ten students.)

Now, let’s get started. Your group has a total of four students to help you plan the End-of-Year Field Trip. The first step is to choose your city. Your choices are Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Once you know which city you would like to visit each group member should choose one of the following roles.

Transportation Director

Will choose the transportation company and determine the route to and from your city


Will choose the locations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Remember, lunch will in your chosen city.

Tour Guides

2 members of the group will share the responsibilities of this role.

Will research and choose the sights they would like to visit in your city.

Once each of your tasks are completed the group will come together with all of your information to design your brochure. The following is a list of steps needed to do so.

The first page of your brochure will be an informational letter to the parents and school

district. This letter must include the following:

    1. A description of each of the sites you have chosen and their specific educational significance.
    2. The reasons why each of the sites you have chosen are related to what you studied in Eighth Grade this year.
    3. Why the students would enjoy going on the trip.

Together you will create the schedule for the trip. (The second page of your brochure)

    1. First you must tell parents what time to drop the students off at the William Penn Intermediate School.
    2. Using your destination map from the Transportation Director and the restaurant chosen by the Restaurateur you must decide how long the trip will take to your city. Make sure you include the time it will take at the restaurant.
    3. Once you have arrived, based on the sights chosen by the Tour Guides, your group will set up a schedule for the day. This must include what sights you will see, where they are located and what time you will arrive at and leave each sight. During this time you will also have to decide when to eat lunch at the restaurant chosen by your Restaurateur.
    4. Next, you will have to decide when to leave your city and what route you will be taking to return to Harrisburg. Don’t forget to include a place to stop and eat on the way home. (Consult your Transportation Director and Restaurateur for this information.)
    5. Finally, you should include what time you will return to Harrisburg for the parents to pick up their children.

The third page of the brochure should include the budget for the trip.

You should first include an entire trip budget.

    1. How much it will cost for the buses.
    2. How much it will cost as a group to get into the different sights.

You should next include the specific cost per child.

    1. How much the bus will cost.
    2. How much it will cost to get into the sights.
    3. How much money to bring for meals.
    4. How much spending money for souvenirs.

The final page of the brochure will be a permission slip to be removed and returned.

    1. The name of the school district and our building should be at the top of the letter,
    2. Next should be a space for the date.
    3. A paragraph statement for the parents giving permission for their child _(name of child) to attend the trip to (name of City) on the date (date of trip) from (Time of Departure) am to (Time of Arrival Home) pm.
    4. A place for the parent’s signature, their home address and phone number and an emergency/work phone number.

Once your brochure is finished you will be responsible for an Oral Presentation to the class. Your job will be to justify your trip to the class and try to convince them to choose your trip. Once all of the presentations are finished. The class will then pick the trip they would like to take.

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Your evaluation will be based on a rubric. There will be different sources for evaluation. The first is your brochure, which will determine 60 points towards your final grade. The second section will be your oral presentation to the class, which will be 15points towards your final grade. Therefore the total possible points you may achieve is 75 points.

Click here to view the scoring rubric.

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Through this activity you have been able to see how much work it takes to plan a successful field Trip. You have realized that there needs to be cooperation from many sources to develop the trip. Without people to budget our money and time, communicate our plans and research our needs, it would be impossible to plan our field trips. Not only do we have to pick a place to go, but also find the most educational and exciting trip possible. Hopefully, you have gained a greater appreciation for field trips and the people who plan them.

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