Tour Guides

The responsibilities for the two of you are tremendous. You will be responsible for choosing the places we will visit on our trip. You must decide what are educational and fun sights to see. You must also keep in mind the monetary costs of each of the places you choose.

There are several links to help you look at the different sites you could see. You should look at each closely and see if they are educationally relevant to what you have learned this year. You must also make sure that their times of business correspond to the day we leave on the trip, Wednesday June 9, 1999. You must also make sure that the place you wish to visit can hold the number of people going on the trip (132).

The following sites will help you make choices on what to visit in each city.


Washington DC

The United State Capitol

West Reflecting Pool

The White House

The Washington Monument

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Mount Vernon

Lincoln Memorial

Library of Congress

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Arlington Cemetery

National Zoo

National Museum of American Art

National Museum of African Art

National Gallery of Art



The Philadelphia Zoo

African American Museum

Independence Hall

The Betsy Ross House

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Independence National Historical Park

Benjamin Franklin National Memorial

Avenue of the Arts

Liberty Bell

Franklin Institute Science Museum



America’s First Black History Wax Museum

National Aquarium

Baltimore Streetcar Museum

Baltimore Museum of Industry

Baltimore Museum of Art

Baltimore Civil War Museum

Babe Ruth Museum

B&O Railroad Museum

Maryland Science Center


Remember you are always welcome to use Search Engines to look for more sights.






Also the following pages map pages will help you find your sights:


AltaVista Maps

Welcome to MapQuest


Washington DC

Tourist Map

Map of the Mall



LibertyNet’s Philadelphia Area Movies, Maps and Photos



Baltimore City Maps



When you come back to your group, you must come with the following items:

  1. A list of sights you recommend to visit (make sure you have more than necessary, just in case!)
  2. The cost for each of the sights (total group and per student).
  3. The location of each of the sights.
  4. The reason why you chose each sight (educational and fun).


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