Your task will be to find all of the different eateries available in your city. You must keep in mind that with 132 people going on the trip there must be numerous options. Since, we cannot fit everyone into one place you must find as many different types of restaurants as possible. Please remember that we must keep our budget in mind.

Your first responsibility is to receive the route from the Transportation Director in order to find any restaurants to stop at on the way to your city and back home. You may contact AAA for travel books that will tell you a list of possible restaurants.

Your second responsibility is to find possible eateries within your city. Find, as many restaurants that are affordable and within easy access of the sights you will be visiting.

Washington DC

Washington DC Restaurants-Restaurant Row

Active Diner-Washington DC


Historic Philadelphia - Where to Eat

Visitor’s Guide to Philadelphia


Baltimore Restaurant Guide

Dining Out in Maryland

Remember you can always go into Search Engines for help.


Alta Vista



Also the following map pages may come in handy:

AltaVista Maps

Welcome to MapQuest

Washington DC

Tourist Map

Map of the Mall


LibertyNet’s Philadelphia Area Movies, Maps, and Photos


Baltimore City Maps

When you have compiled all of your information, you must bring back to your group the following:

  1. A list of food stops on the travel route, their approximate costs and their locations.
  2. A list of restaurants in the city, their costs and locations.

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