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Responsibilities of the Role:

  1. Students study the stages of egg and embryo development, growth of peeps to young chicks, and types of poultry breeds..
  2. Students develop a process and acquire necessary products for incubating, hatching, and raising chickens in the classroom.
  3. Students determine ways to involve all class members with a real-life theme.


Internet resources:

The American Poultry Association - miscellaneous poultry information with art, sounds, links

Donald Fersching's Chicken Page - health information

IACUC Learning Module - Poultry - complete links to chicken breeds and handling

The American Egg Board - a complete page of chickens with free images and plenty of links

Breeds of Poultry - a thorough description of breeds of poultry with links

Non-Internet resources:

e-mail : featherside@cyborganic.net

Local Hatcheries, Broiler Farms, Feed Mills


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