1. You will be working in teams of three experts from competing design firms bidding for the contract to produce BBGC's new game packaging. Choose your role below and follow the link to investigate your area of expertise and to complete the individual portion of this assignment.


Dr. Math from Custom Engineering Triplets
Dr. Design from Isosceles Labs Incorporated
Dr. Triangle from Family Design Enterprises



2. Now that you've become an expert in your triangle field and have designed what you feel is the perfect container for Trilingual, the time has come to rejoin your group for the next phase of your project.


Explore marketing strategies (through research).
Determine consumer opinion (through surveys).
Decide which of your three containers BBGC should select for production.


3. Your group will need to prepare a presentation using some form of visual media (posters, PowerPoint, or overhead projection) to persuade BBGC to use your idea. You will share your presentation with our class who will then vote on the best from the different groups.


Click below on "Resources" to see suggested research links as well as some helpful hints.

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