Treasures of The Amazon

A Second Grade Web Quest

By Sue Bingham, Penny Myers, and Sue Sigman



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Let's go on a Treasure Hunt! Come and travel to the Amazon Rainforest where you will search for food, spices, and other things that we use everyday. Be warned--the trip may be a dangerous one. Watch out for crocodiles, listen for the shrill sound of a howler monkey or the squawking of a toucan.


Be sure not to pull on a strangler fig vine. It could turn out to be a green tree snake. Are you ready for some excitement? Good, then grab your binoculars and your clipboard.

Let's go!

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Your mission is to learn more about the Rainforest products that we use daily. First you will look at home for some things that you use everyday. These should be items that you think might come from the rain forest. You will then use the Internet to search the web to see if any of the items on your list do actually come from the Rainforest.

You will be amazed to discover how many of the things that we use every day come form the rainforest. There are many things that you would be forced to live without if the rainforest were completely destroyed. You will use your list to create a poster or write a report so that other people can learn about the problem of the disappearing rainforest. You will share your poster or report with the class.

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Some of the places you can visit to get your information include:

Click these sites to find Rainforest products we use daily.

Use these books from the classroom library to find more Rainforest products for your list.

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Your group will be graded on your project and presentation. Your teacher will use a chart called a rubric, like a report card, to give you a grade.

Three things you will need to remember:

Points Effort On Time? Sharing Cooperation

6 Project shows outstanding effort Project completed on time or before due date
Clear and in-formative, Shows outstanding preparation


Excellent coopoerative skills demonstrated
4 or 5 Shows above average effort Completed on time or before due date Clear and informative, shows above average preparation Above average cooperation
2 or 3 Project mostly completed Project completed on time Clear and informative All parties cooperated
0 or 1 Project incomplete Not completed on time Presentation not clear Parties cooperated sometimes



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You have completed the treasure hunt. Your next mission is to tell others how we must work together to save the Rainforest. You have found Rainforest products that you would miss if the Rainforests were destroyed. Now, find out more about the animals and plants that would be threatened if the Rainforests disappeared.

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Teacher Notes

Curricular Area: Science, Ecology

Grade Level: 2

Overview: Today, the world is changing at a faster pace than ever before in it's history. These changes challenge the educator to instill a fresh awareness of it's changes as well as to foster independent discovery and problem solving skills. As part of a primary social studies program, it is imperative that this generation be exposed to the present changes in the Rainforest that will undoubtedly have an effect on their future. Our webquest has invited learners to discover Rainforest resources and the impact and value they have on our lives. The Internet is a valuable source of information for you to share with your students. It is our hope that we as educators can work together to instill in our students, a desire to act upon their discovery!


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