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Yesterday I was called to the office to pick up a letter that had been sent to me by registered mail. When I opened the letter and read what was inside, I was very surprised by what I had just read. Mr. Robert Hunt, the mayor of our fine city, wrote to ask us to do a favor for him! This letter has only been sent to us, so we need to carefully consider his offer and decide if we want to help him out.

Click on the mailbox to see what he has to say…

Now that you have read the mayor’s letter, you need to decide if you want to take on this incredible task…

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You and your team have been elected by the mayor of the city to be the designers for the new park. As a class, we must choose at least 5 "lands", each representing a different style or age of music. Your team will research, design, and create a model or blueprint of your section of the theme park. For each age or style of music, your design should include the following:

An entryway into your "land" that establishes the historical time period of the music.

A selection of background music to be played throughout your "land."

Entertainers that look and act like the musicians of your chosen time period or style of music.

A restaurant or snack bar that features the type of food that was popular during this time period.

Theme park rides and games that use the ideas, people, and events from your chosen age or style of music.

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Entertainment Supervisor — Your job is to decide what type of entertainment your "land" will have. You will choose the musical artists who will perform in your section of the park. Pick musicians who represent your music genre well. Design costumes for the entertainers. You will also need to choose the background music that will be played when the entertainers are not performing. Choose at least ten songs that are typical of the genre and time period.

Architect — Your job is to create the entryway into your "land." People will walk through this section of the park to enter your "land." Include characteristics of your chosen genre. You may use video, pictures, drawings, magazine or newspaper articles, etc.

Food/Beverage Manager — Your job is to design the appearance of the restaurant that will be in your area of the park. Choose the menu for the restaurant and/or snack bars placed in your "land." You will also need to design the uniforms that your employees will wear.

Engineer — Your job is to develop the rides that are placed in your "land". Use the musical terms and ideas from your chosen genre or style of music. Design at least four rides that are for different ages.

Game Designer — Your job is to choose the games that will be played in your land, and what prizes will be awarded. Design at least five different games for various ages of players.

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*You may use other resources that are not listed here, but this will help give you a good place to start!




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Now that you have presented your blueprints of the park to the Mayor, he has agreed to build MusicAdventure in our city. After completing all of the research and hard work you have done, you should be proud!

I hope you now realize what an impact music has on our lives. Music really does help define the times we live in, and now you realize how important it is to our lives.

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Teacher Notes

This Web Quest is intended for use in the 6th through 8th grade general music curriculum. This project will help extend learning and understanding of the different styles and ages of music throughout history.

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