Taxonomy Troubles

A Webquest for Grades 10-12

By: Amanda Mulfinger

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While on a scientific exploration around the globe, you and your research team have discovered an unknown organism.  Now you only have one month to prepare to present this amazing find at the National Taxonomy Association Conference! Don't waste any time, Let's get started! 


Your research team must complete the required tasks by naming and describing your organism to be prepared to present at the conference.  There are many steps involved in letting the world know you have found a new organism.

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  1. Choose a group comprised of four individuals.

  2. Determine individual roles by choosing who will be: BIOLOGIST, GENETICIST, CHEMIST, and BOTANIST.

  3. To jump start your mind complete this Make Critters Activity.

  4. Individually, visit the general taxonomy sites and the specific sites of your individual role.  

  5. With the information you have learned from your profession's websites, create a list of Adaptations  for your organism that are specific to your individual role.  This list will be used on the group fact sheet discussed later.

  6. Complete the following group tasks:

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EVERYONE should visit the links on the taxonomy page.

Resources for Individual Roles:

If you are the BIOLOGIST, go to the biology page.

If you are the GENETICIST, go to the genetics page.

If you are the CHEMIST, go to the chemistry page.

If you are the BOTANIST, go to the botany page.

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To see how you will be graded for this webquest project visit the rubric.

You will be graded as a group for this webquest project, see the group rubric.

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Wow! What a phenomenal learning process you have completed.  You are now officially a taxonomy champion. Next time you find an unknown organism while you are out snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean or vacationing in Antarctica, you will know the taxonomy behind how a new species is named. If you enjoyed this process you should consider a career in science or as a science educator. 

Visit the following sites to get started in your new career:

Science Jobs

National Science Teachers Association

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Teacher Notes

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Last updated on 05/01/2001. 

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