Teacher Notes


The Classical Age of Greece webquest is designed for middle school age students (Grades 6-8), who desire to gain a better understanding of Classical Greece. Each four member group will need to be given a folder, which is to have "Top Secret" written on it, in which all of the final products, with the exception of the physical project, and reports will be kept. Upon the completion of the webquest, the students (spies), will turn in the folder to Philip II (The Teacher).

Alternatives to the regular Classical Greece Webquest, which can be used to address higher level students, are:

1. Students may use Power Point to present their project.

2. A play may be written instead of a short story.

3. A report on the physical project can be added to the final packet / folder.

This webquest should take approximately 5-7 class periods to complete the research in the computer room. It may take an additional 2-3 class periods to compile the data.

If you have any comments, concerns, ideas, or find any faulty links, please contact the authors of this webquest. You will find our e-mail addresses at the beginning of the webquest.