Now that you have completed your difficult spy mission, you should have gained a large amount of knowledge concerning Classical Greek culture, history, and geography. During the mission, you had the opportunity to utilize and enhance your cooperative learning skills, researching skills, and writing skills. Now that you have successfully completed your mission, it is likely that Philip II, as well as his soon to be famous son, Alexander, will need your services in the near future. Also, the following is a list of what you need to turn in to Philip II (The Teacher) in order to have fully completed your mission:

1. Short story / myth – With this you are to have answers to the questions in Steps 1 & 2,

as well as your own myth.

2. Map of Classical Greece

3. Timeline of Classical Greece

4. Physical Project – Also, you need to include a 3x5 card with a description of the


5. Report A – A 1 page, typed, report on Athens and Sparta.

6. Report B – Turn in your completed crossword puzzle and chart.

7. Report C - A 1 page, typed, report that answers the questions pertaining to Classical

Greek culture.

8. Report D - A 1-2 page report, typed, that answers the questions pertaining to Classical

Greek military history.

9. Completed Group Assignment Sheet

*See the PROCESS / RESOURCES section to find out how to properly organize or put together the above products and reports.