Report C:

Greek Culture




Phillip II is fascinated with Greek culture, mainly the Olympic Games and art, and wants to continue with the traditions that they have introduced. In order to do this, he needs to find out at much as he can about their art forms and past-times.


By clicking on the links below, use the information to answer the following questions on the Olympic Games and Greek art. Then, type your answers using Microsoft Word.

Olympic Games

1. List two ways that the ancient Olympics were different from the Modern Games.

2. Where and when were the Olympics held?

3. List the six events.

4. After reading about each event, which one would you participate in and why?

5. Create your own Olympic event for Philip II to introduce at the next Olympic Games.


Greek Art

1. What three main items are the ancient Greeks known for?

2. List and describe the differences between the three main periods of Greek sculpture.

3. What are the common colors of the Greek vase paintings?

4. What three forms did the architecture of temples take? Describe each.



1. Olympic Games

2. Greek Art(Also use links to Greek Sculpture & Greek Architecture)