Report D:

Classical Greek Military History





Philip II needs you to collect important data concerning Greek military history. The data you collect will play a major role in Philip's invasion of Classical Greece.



Your mission is to read over and answer, using Internet resources, the questions below that pertain to aspects of Greek military history. First, write out your answers (data) on a piece of lined notebook paper. After you have answered all of the questions, type your answers, using Microsoft Word, and give them to Philip II as part of your overall report.




1. What is a hoplite?

2. What is a pahalanx formation?

The Persian Wars


1. What started the Persian Wars?

2. What groups fought in the Persian Wars?

3. Retell the story of the Battle of Marathon?

4. Retell the story of the Battle of Salamis?

5. What battle is considered to have been the last battle of the Persian Wars?

6. Who won the Persian Wars?


Peloponnesian Wars


1. What was the Delian League and who was in charge of it?

2. What was the Peloponnesian League and who was in charge of it?

3. Who fought in the Peloponesian Wars and what was the final outcome?

4. Do you think that the Peloponnesian Wars made Classical Greece stronger or weaker, explain your answer?

5. In your opinion, is Classical Greece, now that the Peloponnesian Wars are over, vulnerable to an attack? Why or Why not?


Links / Resources:

1. Peloponnesian Wars

2. Greek Military Information

3. Encarta Online (Type in ancient Greece)

4. Mr. Dowling's Web Page (Click on ancient Greece)

5. Dr. Silvestri's Web Page (Click on Ch.8 at the top of the page)