Report B:

Greek Mythology





One particular area of Greek life, which Philip II needs to learn more about, is the religious beliefs of the Greeks. In your quest, you will meet the 12 gods and goddesses living atop Mt. Olympus.



Step 1:

Before you can distinguish between the gods and goddesses you must learn more about their history and how Mt. Olympus came to be. Click on the web site below to read the creation of Mt. Olympus. After you have completed the story, click on the crossword puzzle link to print and complete the crossword.


Links / Resources:


1. Creation Myth of Mt. Olympus


Step 2:

Each god and goddess has a specific realm and symbol that distinguishes him or her from the others. Complete the chart below identifying each god and goddess with their particular realm and symbol. Use the links below to complete the chart. Click on the chart link and print it out. Fill out the chart with a pen or pencil.