Product #4:

Create / Construct A Physical Project Related To Classical Greece





Philip II needs you to collect information and create a small-scale model (physical project) of an example of Classical Greek architecture, art, typical city-state, cultural icon, clothing, or anything else related to life in Classical Greece.



In order to complete this mission you need to:

1. Choose an object, building, place, item, piece of art…etc. relating to Classical Greece

2. Decide how you want to create or assemble a physical project related to the item of your choice

3. Create a physical project

4. On a 3 X 5 note card, write a brief description of what your project is and how it relates to life in Classical Greece.


Links / Resources:

1. Project Resources

2. Other Project Resources

3. Encarta Online (Type in ancient Greece)

4. Mr. Dowling's Web Page (Click on ancient Greece)

5. Dr. Silvestri's Web Page (Click on Ch.8 at the top of the page)