Classical Age of Greece


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URGENT! Philip II of Macedonia is planning an invasion of (Classical) Greece. However, before he can begin his conquest of Classical Greece, he needs you, his best group of spies, to collect data concerning Greek geography, history, and culture. After you complete your mission, Phillip II will begin his conquest of Classical Greece.



Students (Spies) will take on specific roles to create the following projects and reports as they collect the data needed in order for Phillip II to begin his invasion of Classical Greece:

  1. Create a short story / play based on concepts and characters of Greek Mythology.
  2. (PRODUCT 1 / Creative Writer)

  3. Create a map of Classical Greece. (PRODUCT 2 / Cartographer)
  4. Create a timeline of Classical Greece. (PRODUCT 3)
  5. Create / construct a physical project related to Classical Greece. (PRODUCT 4 / Architect)
  6. All spies are to research and write 4 reports pertaining to aspects of Classical Greek culture and history:
  1. City-states: Compare / contrast Athens and Sparta. (REPORT A)
  2. Greek Mythology. (REPORT B)
  3. Greek Culture. (REPORT C)
  4. Classical Greek Military History. (REPORT D)



Process / Resources

  1. Separate students into groups of four.
  2. Each member of the group is assigned 1 product (Choosing from Products #1-4).
  3. Each member of the group is assigned 1 report under product #5 (Choosing from reports a-d).
  4. Have students fill in who is doing each part of the project on the Group Assignment Sheet.
  5. All of the resources are online resources. The resources needed for each Product and Report are located on the page pertaining to each specific Product or Report.









Teacher Notes



Adapted Lesson Plans