What can statistics tell you about your favorite restaurant?

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Grade Level: Secondary Computer Applications class

Note to Instructors: This WebQuest is designed for students who possess some knowledge of spreadsheets and databases. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint are recommended.


High school students often seek fast-food restaurants to satisfy their hunger. These restaurants are convenient and affordable to teenagers. This WebQuest will explore fast-food chains from other perspectives. There will be four roles played out in each group. In the process, you will find not only interesting facts and exciting stories, but also numerous statistics related to various fast-food restaurants. After analyzing four main fast-food restaurants, your team will select one of the four in which to invest your time and money. Your team will present your findings in a slide show presentation.

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After researching any four nationally affiliated restaurants, your team will select one to investigate for this WebQuest. Using the information available from the resources and any other relevant sources, your team will:

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Marketing Director

To advertise and promote your restaurant


To provide your customers with well-balanced meals


To organize and manage your restaurant’s needs


To patronize the restaurant and supply ideas for a new menu item

Marketing Director

  1. The Marketing Director will create a brochure highlighting the restaurant’s strengths. This may include data on history, cleanliness, employees, atmosphere, menu items, etc. This brochure will also include promotional items and special offers and discounts.
  2. The Marketing Director should also type a business letter to the CEO stating ways in which the business can improve. Support your findings with the evidence that you have collected. Give your recommendations of steps that your restaurant should take to change the conditions in order to improve its image.


  1. The Nutritionist must use ratios and percents to compare the daily nutritional requirements to those received in a standard fast-food meal.
  2. The Nutritionist must also find the most healthy and most unhealthy meal at the restaurant. The findings must be put in spreadsheet form and charts must be created to illustrate the results.


  1. The Entrepreneur will chart the stock’s trend over the last year. How does this stock compare to other fast-food restaurants? Charts should be used to show comparison.
  2. How many locations are there for your restaurant? This must be done in database form.


  1. The Customer must take a poll of the members of your class for their favorite menu item at your restaurant. Are there other menu items that the restaurant should offer? Your findings should be done in spreadsheet and chart form.
  2. Using this information and any other resources, the Customer must develop a different menu item not offered at the restaurant that will be submitted to the CEO for approval. Your new product may be done in a computerized art form or explained by using descriptive terms.

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The list that follows offers possible resources for you to consider in completing this WebQuest. You may use any of these as well as related resources of your choice.

Resources of suggested fast-food restaurants:

Related Resources:

Search Engines:

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Your final project grade will be based on the following components:

  1. Your constructive use of class time to accomplish the assigned tasks (individual grade).
  2. The team’s final submitted project with all roles satisfied (group grade).
  3. Your class presentation on the results of your findings (individual and group grade).

Click here to view the grading rubric for your project.

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After completing this project, hopefully you have learned more about the restaurant you researched as well as the use of computer software in generating reports and statistical material. Your team has worked together to analyze this information to identify problems and propose solutions. Through the use of supporting evidence, you have created and presented a slide show to defend your findings.

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