Your first task as historians is to look at previously written articles which incorporate public opinion poll information. Look at the newspapers and magazines I have provided for you in the classroom. Also, click on the links below to research articles written for the web:

**Take note of the format (the way the articles are arranged on the page) of the different articles you have seen. Your article will need to be set up in a similar fashion**

Now that you have seen how public opinion polls blend in with an article, learn about the history of two of the more popular and influential polls in use today.

  1. First, read about the poll that we always hear about on the news and read about in the newspaper. Learn about the history of the Gallup Poll by clicking here.
  2. Next, the Nieslen Ratings determine what shows we see on TV and which get cancelled. Learn about the history of the Nielsen Ratings by clicking here.


Congratulations!! You've completed your work as historians. Click here to go back to the Process section of the webquest.