Dinosaur Discovery

A Webquest for 3rd grade students

By: Stacy L. Fesler



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WOW! Giant footprints have been found in the field next to the house of our principal, Mr. Collins. He is very nervous about these footprints and he has asked for the help of the 3rd graders of our school, Prince of Peace.

I know that this job may sound a little bit scary but we need your help. If you agree to help us, please click on the dinosaur below.




You will work with a partner (one other person) to complete the following in order to help Mr. Collins solve his problem.

1. Your first job is to identify the type of species that made the footprint by using any measurement tools available in the classroom. (rulers, measuring tapes, etc.)

2. Once you and your partner have decided what species made this print, you will then create a diorama showing how your creature will live peacefully with people in a habitat.

3. After creating your habitat you will then write a newspaper article reporting your findings to the rest of the school and the community of Steelton.


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1. You and your partner will receive a picture of the footprints that were found outside of Mr. Collins' house.

2.Study the picture, looking for any specific characteristics that will help you identify what animal created the print.

3. After studying the footprints for awhile, you may use any of the measurement tools that we have used in math class to help you measure the prints. This will help you to identify the creature that made the print. Here are some of the tools we have used:


4. Once your group has decided what creature made your particular print, you will use many different sources to learn more about your creature.

Dinosaur Pictures

Dinosaur Footprints




5. You and your partner are now ready to get started on your diorama. This diorama is to be the habitat (home) of your creature.

**Remember that your creature must be able to do the following things...**



6. You are now ready to work on the next step, your Newspaper Article. Your article should include the name of your creature, what it eats, where it lives, and how it will live peaceful with the people of our community.


7. You will know report your findings to Mr. Collins and the rest of the school and the community of Steelton.


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Each group will be evaluated in 3 different ways:

1. DIORAMA GRADE - You and your partner will be given a grade for your diorama. Your diorama will be graded according to the following guidelines.

2. NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - You and your partner will be given a grade for your newspaper article and presentation to the class according to this rubric.

3. COOPERATIVE LEARNING - The final part of your grade will be given totally by me. It will be based on how well you and your partner worked together.





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Congratulations! As a result of completing the webquest tasks, you are now an expert in your field. Using the computer and the internet,you have learned where and how your prehistoric creature lived along with their favorite snacks. Mr. Collins is grateful for your help in discovering what creature made those prints next door. You should be very proud of yourselves!. You have accomplished a huge task. If you enjoyed this activity, please check out books in the library on palentology, dinosaurs,and/or fossils.



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Teacher Notes


Teacher Notes

Webquest Title - Dinosaur Discovery


Grade Level - 3rd grade, but could be changed to include children of any elementary level grade


Subject(s) -


Length of Time - One period a day for one week






All students are expected to have some kind of basic knowledge of the computer and the internet before beginning this webquest. If you find that there are students in your class like mine, that didn't know how to use the internet when starting out, take a day or two to introduce the concept to the children so that they are all at the same level when starting out on the computer. The children that already know how to do the things that you are showing, could either take the time to refresh their memory or they could sit with someone that didn't know what they were doing in order to help them out.




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