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Teacher Notes

In the quest to understand how art has shaped and been shaped by the events of history, the Halifax High School sophomore Arts and Humanities classes focus on the events of the 20th century. We study the two World Wars, immigration, the Vietnam War and examine the influence of those events on our present world. The class meets for 42 minutes on alternate days throughout the year.

In the humanities curriculum we address the issues of propaganda and censorship in the arts and in the advertising media, which impact on a society overwhelmed by its technology. We study the social importance of the arts as well as the social responsibility of the artists who produce it.

During a six week curriculum unit, the English, science, history and art teachers team-teach a unit about the Holocaust (from the Greek word that means "sacrifice by fire") in which the issues of stereotypes and prejudice are examined as motivations for war and for genocide. The students visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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For background information, I invite you to read through a paper I wrote, THE TRAIL OF PAINT, The Nazi Art Obsession - Censorship, Confiscation, Concealment, Carting, Claims, for a graduate class at Penn State Harrisburg for Professor Epstein's course, " Women in the Holocaust." The extensive bibliography focuses on my interest in the movement of art across Europe and the Soviet Union in the first half of the 20th century and how it censored, pillaged and rescued. For those of you that study the issues of the Holocaust with your students, the art is a powerful way for them to express the intense emotions that the subject invokes.  The site is still under construction and I am just leaning how to footnote, etc. in html, so bear with my learning curve, please.