This chart is to help you focus on the tasks that you need to do for this web quest.

Keep in mind that you have assumed the viewpoint and the personality of one of the "roles".

All of your work will be contributed to the group exhibition.






Get moving

Moving nicely



Collect articles and examples of various types of propaganda in the media and look for the message and stereotypes in them


Analyze and critique newspaper and magazine ads and articles


Select and critique art works


Prepare an exhibition of selected artists' work


Produce your own art work in a media of your choice


Exhibit your own work with your group


Your written responses/critiques will be evaluated for:

Clarity and accuracy of writing - spelling, grammar and punctuation are a no- brainer with WORD


Complete sentences


Complete paragraphs


Interesting and well thought out comments



Your art work will be critiqued by the class, yourself, and the teacher:

Original idea


Quality of craftsmanship


Use of the

Elements of Art


Use of the Principles of Design



Your final exam will be an essay discussing what happens to freedom of expression when those in power have a hidden agenda.