Where did my`house come from?

An architectural WebQuest for Middle School students


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Did you know that your house was designed in the 16th century by an Italian fellow named Andrea?  Or maybe it was that Greek guy Pericles in 432 b.c.  OK, so they didn't think up the entire house, but they started many of the parts that hold it together.  The curved top window in your living room?  That was Andrea Palladio's idea.  The neat columns holding up your porch roof?  Pericles got that idea from the Egyptians and built the Parthenon with them.  Oh, and the concrete used to build your driveway, where the basketball net hangs?  The Romans dreamed up that material because it was easier and cheaper than stone.  Not everything in your house is as old as all of these, some are actually very recent.  I bet you'll be surprised about where many of the parts and floor plans that make up our homes started.  Let's take a quick look around at some of these important people and places to get some ideas.  Then you can use what you learn to try your own hand at putting together the kind of puzzle that you and your neighbors call home.

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