In celebration of the 500th anniversary of your city, the museum commission has decided to build a one-half scale model town in the city park, just outside the stadium.  The idea of the town is to reflect the various and diverse groups of people who built and have lived in the city since it was founded.  The commission has requested all of the architectural firms in the area donate plans for one house each.  Of particular interest are houses that appear to have been remodeled and added to as new families moved in or styles changed, since these show a building with history.  The homes chosen will then be built by local construction companies, furnished by interior decorators, and landscaped by local nurseries.

    As partners in a new, talented, architectural design company in the city, you and two or three of your friends would like to win one of the spaces being awarded.  It would be great for your marketing, and help to spread your company name to people looking for an architect.

    The commission has specified that to be considered for the awards, each firm must submit a small scale model of the proposed house, and an oral or written explanation of the parts of the home that help it meet the requirements.  You and your partners will research a wide variety of styles, techniques, and details that have been used for the construction of houses from early in our history to the present time.  Using these references, you will work together to create a home design of your own.  From this design, you will build a small model of the home, for presentation to the commission. Specifically, they like houses that appear to have grown or changed over a period of time, and use details and techniques that show the changing styles over the years.  You will then write a short report which explains several of the features of the house that make it a good example of one that the commission is looking for. 


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